Friday, 30 March 2012

Shopping (again)

I dunno what I am thinking when I go shopping and actually buy things. I used to be able to resist and not buy anything. But since breaking up, I generally just buy things I think I want..

Erm.... So I saw these pair of shoes I liked that was some crazy price for half price at Anthropologie. So, I went to the shop today and try for size. I didn't quite want to buy it but there was only two pairs of shoes in size 7.5 and one of the pair was a bit big and the other one a good fit. Hai, so I bought la and hopefully they will drop the price in the next 14 days so I can claim price reduction! :-D

Neera by Miss Albright
Ah! Who'd have thought they'd go on sale?
Leather upper and sole with 9cm stacked heel and 2cm platform.
Size 7.5 which is my usual size for Miss Albright. Mua 2nd pair of Miss Albrights
Sexy! I'd like to wear this out jalan-jalan some day.
CTL, Take me out for no reason and even if you don't want to!! :-P
Sigh. This was an unexpected buy from Anthropologie.
I had decided to only buy the shoes but this dress stole my heart (and money).
I love the dropped hemline and the classic-ish look.
Best thing of all, the bloody hemline doesn't end at my crotch!
Also, been really wanting a pair of chinos after I found an awesome pair in Banana Republic on sale two years ago. Uniqlo was selling some boyfriend chinos and slim fit chinos for reduced price! Alteration was free! Whippee! Their sizes are a bit funny though. 10 is kinda too tight and 12 too loose :-/ but the slim fits stretched a bit more so I got 10 in that.

Left: Slim chinos in neutral on offer with £10 off. Free alteration! Size 10
Right: Boyfriend chinos in beige (beige?? seriously) on offer with £10 offer .Didn't alter cos I like the rolled look.  Size 12
Found some nice stuff whilst browsing at H&M. Specifically I was looking for a pair of shorts and I wondered if the material was good quality after seeing it in the catalogue. There was quite a few shorts to choose from and I settled for a pretty pair with a small right picket and faint neon seams.

There was also a light blue pair of cotton skinnies at waist height for £15! I totally loved their cotton scarf flower print for £8 and the cotton shirt in blue for the same price.

Top: Pink flora motif on 100% organic cotton scraf . Conscious by H&M.
Left: Cotton over-sized collared shirt
Right: Cotton pair of skinnies

I am gonna look good and sexy this summer!

And maybe that's why I shop? Gotta those these sexy pins for the summer.

No pics of the denim shorts cos I put them on as soon as I got home with the price tags on and all. And, I'm sitting here in them shorts feeling epic!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Mellon Collie


Lately, that's how I've been feeling but I know sadness, like happiness is a frame of mind. And, I know I'll get over it eventually. Quickly is usually the goal. And, I think I've demonstrated that with my break-up.

Another tactic is usually not to have expectations. Expectations when not met leads to disappointment. On the flip side, non-existent expectations when met leads to utter enjoyment. Did you get that?

But those are just tactics and being human I'm not immune. I'm not sadness-proof and expectation free.

I've not updated lately because I've been busy. I feel like a hardworking bee (btw, I hate ants). I feel like my hard work is just hard work with no light at the end of the tunnel. Even a labourer would have a building to show off at the end of the day and he could say, "I helped build that". But, I don't feel like my hard-work is going any where. Like piling fine grains of sand on top more fine grains of sand.

My hard work feels unrewarded. Unrewarding.

Even more unrewarded when I'm constantly facing rejections.

I believe in fate and things happen for a reason but... when I'm working hard, why does rejection after rejection get thrown at me? Why now? Why this point in time?

I'm a great believer of helping myself before God helps me. I am a believer of 'if one wants something, do it one's self for results'! So, fuck it! If no one wants to reward me, lemme reward my freaking self.

And I walked down the alcohol aisle (I'm not married to alcohol). Maybe I'd buy cider although I wasn't quite in the mood for cider when...

... this caught the corner of my eye.
Imported beer from the beloved continent?! Mmmmmm, frambozenbier!!
One bottle please. Bitte eine flasche...
Ginger beer from the British isles.
Fine, I've been craving alcoholic ginger beer since that Hungarian woman refused me one last month.
I believe it's less than an euro on the continent. This exact brand.
And, whilst caressing one of these bottles, the UK has set a minimum price of 40p per unit of alkie.
Le famous Erdinger weissbier.
One bottle of each. Yes, four bottles. Some sweets. And, not much food else. Not alkie, just had seven slices of pizza for lunch.

At the counter, the lady looked at my worryingly. Called her supervisor and asked for my ID. I had no ID except for my work badge. One would think a 'professional' like myself would be deemed old, wise and responsible enough to buy four bottles of continental alcohol. Not just any alcohol but alcohol from le beloved continent. Four bottles of continental alcohol that I very much doubt the local population would thoroughly (bold, underline and highlight) relish in a responsible and pleasurable fashion. 'Cos, really, according to BBC News a bottle of £1+ and £2+ of continental beer is not the top choice to 'pre-load' before a night out...

So, I tried to help myself. I tried to reward myself. I worked hard. I tried. I freaking tried! I attempted! I didn't sit on my ass and ask for continental beer. I got up to get it myself. But, why did I meet rejection and failure once again?

Maybe it isn't my time. When, though? When?

Why can't I even have a drop of hefe weissbier bought with my own freaking money! *Flips out and throws a wade of cash into the air*

Friday, 16 March 2012

The Dentist

Come up to meet you.. tell you I'm sorry... (lines stolen from The Scientist by Coldplay).

So anyway, I thought about The Dentist. This is not any Dentist. He's a one-of-a-kind Dentist. He wasn't my Dentist, though and I have no comment on his skills as a Dentist.

But I remember him as The Dentist because that was what he was introduced to us as. The Dentist was an old man, possibly in his 70s-80s although Caucasian people tend to look older than they actually are. He was around my height, maybe taller. He had white hair and a big, big white beard. A little stocky. He wasn't handsome (I couldn't see behind the beard anyway) but he had a memorable look.

There were several of us in the room including our tutor. We were meant to talk to him and find out more about him. But, before we even begun the interview, he looked at me and said, "You should have done Philosophy. Shouldn't you?". Stunned but I thought, "Possibly" as I usually found myself pondering about things. But then again, people ponder. Don't they? He didn't know anything about me. I had hardly spoken. So, why did he say that?

Throughout the next few years, sometimes people tell me I should have done sociology, anthropology or philosophy in passing. It didn't mean anything to them but I always recalled The Dentist.

And, today I found myself pondering again and thinking about The Dentist.

I remember watching a TV show whereby they were following first-time Dads anticipating the birth of their first child. There was a Hungarian man on TV who said, "I used to think every woman was mine. If I wanted to sleep with any woman, I could". Of course, I wondered if he would rape but he seemed rather gentlemanly and the editor possibly cut out the bit where he says he'd work to woo the woman first. Yes, I hope he said he'd woo them first... but anyway, he said his wife reformed him so it doesn't matter!

Anyway, whilst exercising, I thought about Malaysia being the fourth most corrupted country in the world and its leader and the first lady - Najib and Rosmah. This triggered thoughts about money and happiness. How do I view money in a way that would leave me content and happy? What would make Najib and Rosmah happier about money and stop using Malaysia's money to line their own pockets? I thought the Hungarian man's point of view was pretty good and applied it to money:

"All the money in the world is mine. It is there for the taking. I can use it whenever I want but I would need to work to cash it out to use it for myself". Yes, like the Hungarian man would need to woo his women before he slept with them!

Ta-da. Don't you feel happier now to know all the money in the world is (potentially) yours?

One day, I'd like to try flippin' 'em dolla dolla billz like that.
But that's Najib and Rosmah's daily morning exercise.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mee Bakso

I only ever tried mee bakso once at this Indonesian shop near where I used to live. It was a new shop and not very popular in my area as I think people just weren't keen or knew enough about Indonesian food. I can't quite remember what I tasted like but I think I remember hoping to go back to try other dishes.

Anyway, I saw pictures of mee bakso yesterday and also found a recipe. It looked simple enough and it is here.

Chop your two onions and 4 cloves of garlic finely, mix with 400g minced meat (beef, but I used turkey cos cheaper and healthier ), coriander powder and flour. I forgot to buy eggs so left that out.
Roll the meat into balls. I got bored halfway and had to move onto making the soup base.
For soup base: 2 thinly sliced onions  I think onions in SE Asia are smaller, so if you're in Europe, then one onion is quite enough. However, the more the tastier, I think! . Grind 1/2 inch of ginger, 2 cloves of garlic and coriander powder/seeds. Bruise the lemon grass
Fry the onions until golden (this is hard when one has too much onions! They kinda caramelized instead :-/
Then, add your grinded paste and fry until fragrant. Add the lemon grass.

Add water. I added almost 1L and the stock is still quite thick.
Added one.. then two cubes chicken stock (any stock can la!)
Add the balls. I regretted adding the second cube stock cos the meat was gonna flavour the soup even more!
Once the meet is cooked it will rise to the top
Boiled the amount of rice noodles, bean sprouts and lettuce in a separate saucepan with the amount of soup you want.
Serve with soy sauce and chilies (bird's eye if you can handle it)
I enjoyed my mee bakso. Not too sure if it looks or tastes really like mee bakso but the website I got the recipe from had lots of picture and it looks similar. And, I think if you are a fan of garlic, you will definitely like mee bakso!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

H&M and Marni

I feel exhausted. Emotions ran high earlier today when H&M releases their Marni collection at 9am this morning in stores and online.

I had chosen four things (pieces sounds so pretentious) I wanted to buy. I kinda mistook what they meant when they said 'customers are allowed to buy a piece from each section of the collection'. I thought it was either one piece of clothing, shoe or accessory. Only later on did I discover it meant one size and no multiple buys of an item!

My choices:
1) Dot dot dress
I turly fell in love with this dress. My heart was racing when I first saw this picture
2) Halter neck polka dot dress
Looks nice too. Maybe look enough will eventually want it haha.
3) Silk scarf
4) Leather bag
Number 2 and 4 was bought by Mummy Dearest (two because I thought one item from one 'section' only).

Reserve list:
1) Flower necklace as worn in the first picture
2) Platform leather sandellettes as worn in the third picture

We had to also "queue" online. I managed to put the Blue Dot Dot Dress and silk scarf in my Online Basket but I couldn't checkout on my iPhone! So stressful! By the time mum got back online, the dress, scarf and necklace was gone.

So I headed to Westfield during break time and just missed the "Admittance Band" by one person. There were the pink and White bands queueing before the public could start queueing to get it.

A section closed off for the Marni collection between 9am-1pm for access to only those with bands
I went in without a band just before 1pm and after my group, they opened the gates for a free-for-all
I spotted the Blue Dot Dot Dress hiding in a corner when the pinks and first half of the whites browsing.. I was praying and praying. Some stupid lady in the first White group took the dress and put it down again but she left it in a PROMINENT area. It was gone when I got into the gated designer area. What a narrow, narrow miss :-(

When I got in, I made a beeline for the last yellow silk scarf.

Silk Triangular Scarf
TBH, I'm quite disappointed with this scarf.
It looks like it started out life as a square scarf with seamed edges
Then, in hopes of garnering more return, H&M/Marni decided to cut it in half and get  double the return for a scarf
The diagonal edge looks cut and is unseamed. Can you see the fray? My iPhone can't focus on it.
True, that it maybe for rolling up and who'd see it but it looks really cheap for a £20 scarf.
I got my Comtoir des Cotonniers silk scarf for £32 and it looks far ahead of this silly thing
I think I may offer it to the housemate to buy if she wants or return.
But, I was quite sad actually. I took the Blue Dot Dot Blouse as a consolation but thought it looked funny. Size 10 was quite large although I'm usually 10 for H&M's regular range. So, I settled for 8 in the blouse.

The Blue Dot Dot Blouse.
Contemplating returning it
I can't seem to make the back work like a beautiful pattern
I do love the print a lot though
Also got the platform leather sandellettes as consolation. All they had were sizes 38, 39 and 40. The boxes for sizes 39 and 40 were 25% bigger than the 38 box!

Made in Portugal, my favourite place at the moment
So, for about 40 minutes I hung about hoping the Blue Dot Dot Dress would reappear on the racks although I think I saw a lady with several Marni shopping bags holding it - she looked like a professional buyer. Haha, musnah harapan.

That was until I saw these two middle aged women taking hold of the maxi dress from a hidden corner. The lady said she really loved it and it was the one she wanted. However, it was quite obvious it wasn't her size and there was no point her paying £80 for it. I hung close to her and as soon as she put it down, POW!! Size 6, totally fits. And, I got it AFTER the gates were taken down for a free-for-all. How lucky was I?

Maxi Dress
Originally my on the top of my list to buy before I thought I'd probably be sweeping floors with it
But with the platform leather sandellettes, these two buys may be the best ever combo in the collection for me
Lucky steal
I think I could be happy with this and just the sandellettes alone
Size 6 fits. Impossible!
Maxi Dress dust bag
So, I'm quite worried now the halter neck polka dot would be too big (and I love it!). I have a feeling it is more American sizes rather than UK. I hope it will be OK!! I am thinking I may return the leather bag as it is patent leather and doesn't look that nice in real life... Hurry up and show up in the mail! (Edit: I cancelled the order for the bag, so check on-line ladies! Maybe there for you ;-) )

The sales guy said, "You have 7 days to return any purchases. And, return it with the hanger and (plastic/carrier) bag, please". Bitchy gila. Of course la I return the hanger but seriously, the carrier bag as well? What if someone put it on the floor covered in piss and shit?

And after all that, I wonder why I buy all these things? Besides alleviating stress (caused by the want), am I actually happier at the end of the day?

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hungarian Souvenirs

Quick update cos I'm working tomorrow. Mergh, work.

When I was I'm Budapest two weekends ago, the shops were all closed on Sunday. So, even finding a shop to buy a postcard for Mummy and a magnet seemed unlikely. However, I stumbled upon a shop outside the Basillica Szt Istvan which was open.

Clockwise from top left: Sweet paprika, cloth tulips, magnet of the Hungarian Parliament

I bought a magnet of the Parliament. Ah, the Parliament is such a beautiful gothic-style building and the third largest in Europe with Westminister and another parliament ahead of it. It was apparently built to accommodate a town of 300,000 people. I'm not sure what the population of Budapest is. Anyway, I went for a 40 minute tour of the Parliament for 3550HUF (free to EU citizens. No fair, I pay taxes too!) but more about that when I have developed my films. I have 12 rolls to develop now cos my friend returned 3 more I gave to her for safe-keeping!

Cloth tulips with my Murano glass tulips and lily
Perhaps they don't go along as nicely as I had imagined

I also bought six cloth tulips for 1000HUF each, which is approx £3. Actually, that's pretty expensive now that I think about it. :-/ Oh well. The purple one and the sweet paprika is for my housemaid housemate whose fav colour is purple. I gave it to her today and she seemed happy to get them and had an appreciation for sweet paprika :-)

Ah, I forgot I bought this too
2000 HUF for a stained glass piece of  the Parliament in the summer time

Well, time to prepare for bed. Sigh, the guys have seriously left an impression on me although nothing happened. It's hard to shake off but I guess work will definitely distract me.

Monday, 5 March 2012


The second leg of my trip began in Porto, Portugal and I went with a friend. We went on a free walking tour by Pancho Tours Porto. Free tours in most European cities are common and they exist financially through tipping. Guests tip what they think the tour was worth and I think the idea is to get the guide to be the best he/she can be for every tour as the money depends on it. I think it is a challenging job keeping people entertained, happy, safe and to be able to talk for at least two hours. A great knowledge on the city's culture and interest in history is also a must. A passion and love for a city certain helps.

We were late for the tour because we thought the pickup time was 1120 hours from our hostel. Seriously, we ran up a hill (my friend's idea) just to be at the hostel at 1120 hours. Luckily, the guide agreed to wait for us when our hostel called him and again, we rushed like crazy. That was pretty lucky for us because most other walking tours were less personal than this. When we turned up, they had been waiting for us. Quite paiseh (embarrassing) la but a group of freshmen had been entertaining them and no one really noticed us join the group. The guide was also uber relaxed so we didn't feel too awkward.

On a foggy early morning in Porto along a river bank.
Porto is to the left of me and Gaia to the right, across the bridge
The height of the bridge = the vertical distance rushed in 15 mins
Part of the hill we had to climb in 15 minutes

Climbing up the many different stairwells on the hills in old Porto
There were three guides; Tiago was the leader and there were co-guides Lillian and Pedro. I think we all had the potential to get lost like little sheep so the guides kinda watched out for us and were there to answer any questions. Out of all the free tours I have been to, I think the Pancho Tours Porto was definitely one of the more personal tours I have been on. The guides were uber friendly and easy-going. Tiago kept us engaged throughout the tour with quizzes and was more than happy to answer questions that we had. Another good thing was Tiago would always give us a couple of minutes to wander close-by and take photos - major like! Lillian and Pedro recommended things for us to do and were friendly too.

So, my friend had several questions which she initially posed to me. Being a tourist myself, I could only speculate so I suggested she ask the guides. Eventually, during a period where we were wandering by the river banks, she managed to have a conversation with Tiago. Probably about why Porto looked run down and abandoned in some places and then, politics. At one point, she said, "People in Porto are confused!" and ended her sentence there. No further explanations. Nothing. Zilch. No attempt to further justify her statement. I was pretty shocked. I think the guide was pretty shocked, too. And puzzled.

He was left wondering why she said that. I was wondering why there was no further justification. For drama? To leave an impression? To see if we were smart enough to make a connection? It was quite funny. My opinion is my friend is unknowingly abrupt but has definitely toned down since I first knew her. The guide then seemed to recompose and asked why. She proceeded to say because every building which had been built for a certain purpose was no longer used for that purpose in Porto. Like, the town's prison was now a photographic gallery. And, I think they continued to have a debate as to why whilst I found something interesting to photograph.

Next, we had been walking down some stairs when our guide asked where we were from. He guessed we were Korean or Japanese. Fair enough seeing that I have only seen Japanese and Koreans around and we look Oriental anyway. Afterall, I certainly found it hard to distinguish Caucasians from one another when I was FOB. But, my friend shot, "I am insulted!". The guide was shocked again, I think. I was shocked, almost tripped down the stairs, choked and said, "Homaigod" all at the same time. But the guide did not seem to take offence; I was left wondering if it was the guide's relaxed nature or if my friend's bluntness and ignorance to other people's feelings and reactions that made the situation OK. Also, I think the Japs and Koreans are generally more polite to put things so bluntly but the Chinese... yeah, even polite Hokkien sounds rude.

If I was still 4 years old and said those things my friend said in front of my mother, I'd be guaranteed a nice scolding once home. But at the same time, I wondered if saying things that shocked would leave an impression and therefore make one memorable. And, leaving an impression and being memorable is certainly a desirable trait in the business world. However, I think there are also several ways to do so. One would be my friend's and the hotel concierge's way which is blunt, straightforward, effective and rather quick but risks offending/alarming. Another would be more subtle and kinder ways like how the group waited for us and did not make us feel awkward; like when Pedro was being uber helpful with things we could do and how to get there; and so on. I think either way is neither wrong nor correct but there are pros and cons, risks and benefits. To me, the aggressive way seems to be an art and maybe the gentler way comes more naturally to others like myself. Also, I have found people still remember me despite me feeling I have not made an impression or have been memorable.

Then, I also came across this which basically says what counts is actually the difference one makes between a first and last impression. And, I think this concept may explain why my friend - despite being abrupt in the first instance - came out OK at the end (or so I thought she was OK, anyway).

So, how do you make an impression?

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Hard Hitting

My week travelling across continental Europe has come to an end. It's funny now hearing people speak English and the content of conversations around me.

I feel like this week has enriched my mind, body and soul. I experienced new things, got out of routine, reflected on things I experienced and myself.

Will probably talk about some of these things in the next few posts as I have 10 rolls of film which probably won't be developed too soon as I am a little broke now. Watch out for some hostel/hotel reviews and comments on specific situations.

So, at my last destination ie Bologna I was forced to stay in a hotel as there were no hostels in the city. This was a four star hotel I found as a deal on Expedia's secret hotel for €140pp for 3 nights. Because of the story below, I am not going to say which hotel la :-( but will put pics :-p

I have stayed at a handful of four star hotels like Hilton in Vermont and Best Western in San Francisco which I thought were really true four stars. This hotel was more like a three or lower four star to me. Sure the reception area looked classy and modern but above the ground floor, it looked like it was stuck in the 1980s.

Here are some pictures.

Hotel lobby with modern interior
My room with dated decor
Two twin beds merged into a double. I always wondered why they do this. Surely a double is a double and two twins are two twins and a spade is a spade?

The bathroom looks OK. Still dated.
I love toiletries! But these were quite average toiletries. Hilton gave me better.
Sponge, tissue, shower cap, enamel file, shaver and foam, body milk, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, glycerin soap, shampoo, body shampoo.
Shoe tongue, sewing kit and shoe shine. The tongue is really useful and a really portable size. POW'ed.
Shower and tub. The water was a bit grey at first but eventually cleared out. Thank god. I suppose this room may have been vacant for a while.
Shoe shine! This was in the floor lobby. Made my shoes shiny! But a bit kolot (dated), right?  I remember seeing these things in three star hotels we'd stay in in Thailand as a child.

The service was uber helpful though so I thought, "Ok la, what they lacked in style they made up for in service". The concierge was like super friendly and helpful; the guy who checked me in was pretty cheerful but I didn't see him anymore after the first day. Then it was usually a lady in the morning and a guy in the evening. What's really stupid about hotels is their Internet is not free or restricted. At this hotel? the Internet was free for 30 minutes in the lobby with a passcode which can be obtained from the reception.

So, at night I usually sit in the lobby for an hour to Facebook, Whatsapp, surf and email... The concierge will also try to make conversation with me. Dunno my muka (face) friendly or what la. My friend said before I'm quite friendly so maybe la.

The first night he make small talk and super keen to advice me where to go and what to do. Fair enough. Then I told him my boss email me said he gimme extra day off and he ask me extend my stay. Sure, good business for the hotel. But I wasn't keen and Bologna wasn't that big to stay so long (rather go back to Porto!).

The second night I use Internet again to book my professional exams but stupid iPhone won't let me complete the booking. So, he recommend me some Internet cafe rather than pay €5/15min on the hotel computer. Ok la, maybe I look young and poor lol. Cos I think if I had asked any other staff they probably would have let me pay €5 and cry.

When I came back from the Internet cafe and dinner I wanted to cabut (run) straight to my room. Kantoi, got spotted trying to make a quick dash to the lift. Hai, to people who design hotels, sometimes your guest don't want to be seen entering hotel, can or not?

He seem so happy to see me and was asking me if I found the cafe. Had to tell him lor. Then the moment of total weirdness happened when I asked him a small talk question; he suddenly went quiet and looked away for 5 awkward seconds before replying. Muka aku kerut-kerut pelik, maybe he noticed. Anyway, then he asked me to come down again and that he finished work at 2130 hours. I said probably not cos I puas berinternet already.

For You To Notice - Dashboard Confessional
I think the first few lines of this song would aptly describe what I imagined happened in his head when he blanked out on me.. because it was after then the hitting became really obvious. 
"I'm starting to fashion an idea in my head where I would impress you with every single word I said. Would come out insightful or brave or smooth or charming..."
And, I wished it was someone else singing this in his head.

Fine. Mana tau 2200 hours my room phone kring kring. I pick up la. It was him. Errr!! He said, "Hi, it's XX (actually I didn't know his name also). I was waiting for you. You didn't come down? Come down". I said no and tipu sudah tidur.

Third night: I planned not to go back to hotel until after 2200 hours so can avoid the guy. Thought of going to the movies but since I spent €56 on a pair of shoes, I didn't even feel like eating dinner. So what to do but go back. This time I saw another lady there, probably manager so felt better. But haiyo, as soon as he saw me he stepped out of the counter to greet me with great enthusiasm. Hurgh, malunya.

First he gave me three Internet passes but he took two back and said to come back and see him again for another one. Wink wink. Babi!! Then I sat behind a pillar and some how he walked up to me and said we will talk later when he finish work. -_-"

I managed to find another hidden spot away from the reception with an escape lift (later found out it doesn't go to my floor)! But he walked past this spot and said, "Ha, there you are. I was looking for you!". Sweat. He said more things la like hope he can see me after work but what really freaked me out was when he said, "and I might come to you room later". He also held out his hand for me to hold, as if I was gonna hold it la! Hurgh, totally ignore and he smoothly pulled it back. Hmmm, still pretty smooth.

True to his word he called again. Immediately after I went back to my room (I think he saw me entering the lift), at 2130 and 2200hours. Ignore. Pull the wire out. Turn the TV real loud.

Reflection time.

There were several problems:
1) I was super freaked out la especially when he said he might come to my room. What does that mean? What does he want? Dahsyat. For a while I was fretting about going back to my room. Stupid door also couldn't look from the inside so I bolted it with the chair all night
2) Does he do this to every unaccompanied lady? Now, this is what I'm wondering only. Probably not or he probably would have had a complaint by now and not be in this job anymore. I'm not going to complain la cos I think he was probably genuine and nothing happened anyway.
3) He is not yong sui (bad looking) but he is SO not my type either. Like, I could look at his face but not want to look at it forever.
3) He is Indian. LOL. Not being racist but stereotypes exist because they work. An Indian man once said (straight from horse's mouth) that Indians are like snakes and can't be trusted. My ex gay boyfriend was half Indian. A friend dated an Indian who berated her family (caste system shit) whilst another friend had this Indian boyfriend who disappeared to India and got married (arranged and forced marriage shit)! This guy maybe genuine but I have had heard and experienced enough Indian drama befitting a Bollywood movie to want anything to do with an Indian guy.

1) I have to commend this guy on his bravery, confidence and persistence. Maybe ambition, whatever it was that kept him going. Rejection is generally a person's biggest fear. I think the turning point was on the second night when he looked away and decided to take the plunge thereafter.
2. Taught himself to speak fluent Italian. Yes, I wish I could speak German by now.. or even Portugese.
3. Besides this, there had been another guy hitting on me but MUCH more subtly. I guess these have been my first since the break-up. Maybe I am not so yong sui myself that only a gay guy was 'interested'.

It has been quite a long post. I have been thinking about it a lot especially since it was kinda alarming. Mum, I didn't tell you this so you wouldn't get worried so don't worry!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Nature's Beauty

Today I had the opportunity to read a passionate cabin manager's description of the perks (and downs) of her job. One of the good memories she had was when the caption and first officer summoned her to the flight deck to he greeted by a beautiful view of a full moon and it's reflection over calm sea waters. They serenaded her with some love song.

That was that until...

The first officer announced and woke most of us sleepy heads to enjoy the view of The Alps outside the windows. The Alps looked expansive. It's mountains covered in beautiful clean white snow but the tips and faces rough and jagged. Everyone just looked out and on and on until it finally came to an end when we saw a fairly large river draining from the alps....

And I thought to myself: should I re-train as a pilot? Ah, would it bore me to fly the same route everyday? I didn't think the caption and his sidekick were ever bored as the same route would see different conditions and the views would differ, too. And, to share it with a cabin full of people would make one all fuzzy inside.