Saturday, 26 May 2012

Moving Out Sale

Setting up an on-line sale of my things on Facebook and Gumtree.

I hope people buy something. It seems an effort but it has gotta be done. I wish I had a car to drive to a car boot sale. I wish I could lay all my stuff outside on the grass of our flat and sell stuff.

I wish I could go out and play in the lovely British summertime weather like everyone else but maybe this is the sacrifice I have got to make

Anyway, here's some stuff I managed to snap pictures of:

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Taking Back Sunday

I used to listen to indie, indie rock, rock and all that kinda stuff when I was in secondary school, college and early university. Music (or my music) kinda took a back seat when I went out with my classical-crazy gay ex-boyfriend.

But yeah, I have been listening to more of my music again. Who knew I still had that all in me! I iz happy! Yes, there's the mainstream stuff but at the end of the day, I remember the genre I like better than popular music.

I have my usual bands I like to go to but have been recently a exploring the stuff DC gave me from years ago which I didn't quite get to 'cos I started going out with classical-crazy guy not long after. One of the bands I really like is Taking Back Sunday. What an awesome name as well.

(Other stuff I realize I don't really like from the list is the White Stripes.... Urgh)

So, here's a live MV from Taking Back Sunday. They make great songs but their official music videos are like "WTF, I could've done that for you.. or if they had a bit more talent in video making like Wong Fu Productions, it'd look decent!".

Hence, I'm showing you a video recorded live
New American Classic - Taking Back Sunday

And, the totally hosts the most fun concerts everrrrr...

And it seems someone realized they made shite videos and decided to help them out
Cute Without The E
Taking Back Sunday 
And, the magic (for me) begins at 2.09
Hoping for the best just hoping nothing happens 
A thousand clever lines unread on clever napkins 
I wil never ask if you don't ever tell me 
I know you well enough to know you never loved me 
Hoping for the best just hoping nothing happens 
A thousand clever lines unread on clever napkins 

Anything to make chores easier

Busy busy busy.

Been living off takeaway. Indian. Chinese. Thai. It's not bad considering weekly grocery shopping costs me as much as a takeaway that may stretch over a week.

And, laundry entah berapa minggu x buat. Every one to two weeks is my usual but this bertimbun two to three weeks hot. Ironing madness!

Peace out x

Friday, 18 May 2012

This Week

Wow, to imagine that one week ago I was brawling my eyes out like I just broke up with my ex. I contemplated blogging then but besides brawling my eyes out, trying to get over the problem and move on.. I had other pressing issues and couldn't blog.

Yes, been a bit busy lately.. or rather, as always.

Basically, last week was super busy and last Friday was no exception. I toiled and toiled and toiled and finished work at 7pm. I got an e-mail for a phone interview which was to be held between 5-8 pm and when I called, they said, "Sorry, didn't hear from you so no chance".

I didn't think I would have been so upset but I was really upset. First, macam panah stuck in my heart and I was numb. After pottering round the house and contemplating the day's events I just cried and cried and cried. Wa, I bersusah payah at work also no one appreciate and summore come home to get rejected. So, cried like waterfall lu. But still had afterwork work to do, so cry and do lor.

But this week has been pretty awe-sum. Had three job offers. The first one was a bit dodgy. The second one was teasing me. The third one was by far the best offer and interview and at one point, the guy said the nicest thing said to me this week:

"XX saw your application and he saw that you were going to AA and that you row. He told me not to interview you... but to just give you the job!". I was like, "Awwwww, danke! Danke! Wow". Ok, couldn't think of anything witty to say but maybe should have asked him why he didn't just give :-p

And so, I was gonna start a new section to this blog which I will call: The Nicest Thing Said To Me This Week.

Last week's nicest thing was by my friend MT. And the conversation is as below:
Me: Ey, MT, you got guy to intro to X or not?
MT: Ey! If got also I intro to you first la!!
Me: Ok, ok.. What about Y? You got guy to intro or not?
MT: I said already lor, if got also intro to you first la! Haha.

I guess things went pretty good this week despite also having one of the most sakit hati thing said to me this week. All-in-all, I guess I'm grateful and I am sorry for anything I did wrong...

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

At the moment, I am rotating through a four month placement called 'Care of the Elderly', a more plain term for a specialized branch of medicine called Geriatrics. Most days are spent looking after people aged 65 and above. Even then, 65 is fairly young and most of people under our care are around 80-ish. Occasionally, one gets the centurion...

Trailer for The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Anyway, I always wanted to watch The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (for the Elderly and Beautiful). It's a British movie released several months ago and may not be everyone's cup of tea. But I saw the trailer of Dev Patel proudly announcing "Welcome.. to the Best Marigold Hotel!" with great sincerity and instantly decided it would be a movie I will want to see, no matter what. Despite the lukewarm reviews from friends, I still wanted to watch it.

Imagine my delight when I saw it was screening at my local cinema!

I walked into the screen and it was rather amusing to note that I was probably the only person under 50 years of age there. Definitely the only person under 40. And, I was watching a film about elderly people. Having spend the whole day being surrounded by the aging made me think about my future as an elderly person, my journey there, my dreams, hopes and fears; and to think about my elderly patients, their feelings, hopes and fears.

I loved the movie.

I loved the movie because it was down-to-earth and daily-life comedy. I loved the movie because the relationships between characters was simple yet profound. I loved the movie because each character had their own agenda which they believed in or eventually believed in. I loved the emotions conveyed which were so vividly real! I loved the movie because it tossed and turned, tumbled, flipped and stirred my emotions all round. The script was amazing. So many lines I loved. So many basic but philosophical lines. And, I play it in my mind over and over. I love the movie because it seems to portray so much of what I think/believe of in life. I love the movie in so many ways and parts I can't seem to do my own feelings justice. "Words fail me", as one of the characters said.

For the first time, in a movie, I let myself cry without holding the tears back. There was one scene where the man dreamt and had such passion to 'see the top of the mountain'. He had his vision blow out like a candle the spark completely disappeared from his eyes and I cried.

And there was the case of the gay couple... And the man who had no secrets with his wife. "That's the way it should be". Yes, no secrets.

It was a wonderous 2.25 hours. I thought, "Don't send the OAPs to Jaipur. Send me instead!".

When it was over, I had to go home... in the cold. But, it didn't feel cold. All I could think of was various scenes in the movie, how they touched me. I just wanted to put my face in my hands to laugh and cry.