Monday, 30 January 2012

Online Shopping

Today was 'Waiting for Parcels' Day.
I expected 3 deliveries but only 2 came :-(

0830 hours
ASOS Next Day Delivery by Parcelforce!

:-D What's in here?
A shiny parrot
Where to put? Hair? Lapel? Necklace?
An oversized ring
Imagine getting a pure gold and diamond engagement ring like that
Don't want the guy also cannot reject the ring LOL
ASOS Merino Wool Mix tights in grey 
It's really long but I like it that way. Some tights are so incredibly short it ends at the thighs, how to wear??
I saw this in a magazine a few months ago. £240.
ASOS Lace Dress with Full Skirt
ASOS Petite Swing Dress with Lace Chiffon
ASOS Fit and Flare Dress with Embroidered Spots in Petite
100% cotton and tailored fit
It is a super nice dress but really tight over the shoulders.
And because of its high price, too it qualifies for >>RETURN<<

A pintuck pleat down the spine. Nice!

Fitted button cuffs
 1530 hours
UPS Delivery for Fossil
I saw the size of the box and was instantly disappointed
Luckily Fossil is currently offering Free Delivery
Yes, true, this is the design I wanted but it was the A4  clutch bag I wanted, not the little purse!
Hai, why my Dermalogica not yet come? My face is drying.. :-(

Lastly, I'm glad sales is over! No more temptation! Woohoo! :-)

Sunday, 29 January 2012


My dream to sleep early has been flushed down the toilet. But I did nap after dinner for uhm, 2-3 hours. OMG, most amazing sleep ever. If I didn't need to wake up to brush my teeth I'd be still in bed two hours ago.

Anyway, some people donate blood but I donate things. Today went and dropped off some items I didn't want/need anymore. I have been thinking about it for a while and well, I will never forget these things even though I no longer have them.

BAG: Synthetic weave bag with cotton-patterned lining. It comes with a pouch that is attached to the bag. I think I bought it in Summer 2008 for RM60. That time weave bag very the fashionable.
CARDIGAN: H&M yellow cotton cardigan. Yes, I wore this yesterday and after that, I was convinced I had to give it away. Don't get me wrong, I like it very much but it is much too big for me. I remember I bought this for £15 as a student.  £15 was a lot of money because £20 already can feed me for one week. I went to the shop not once but twice and every time I went, I walk round and round and round the shop thinking if I should buy. Dunno why I pick size M, though! If anything, I was defo much slimmer/toned as a student
I really like this bag. It's pretty. Nice to carry. People generally give good comments...
But I dun like the flowers and maybe the colour doesn't generally suit the stuff I wear.
COAT: My woolen GAP pea coat. Like the H&M cardi, this was an agonizing buy at £30. I remember my mum was there and she said to just buy it la. Seriously a good buy because it was such a warm coat and I didn't really have a wool coat then. Sadly, last year I accidentally put it in the washing machine and it shrunk. Although I still can wear and it's like a tailored fit, the lining didn't shrink and it doesn't feel as comfortable
DRESS: my mum bought for me. I cannot imagine how to wear it. Sorry mum!
So, if you like anything above, head to your nearest charity shop! Maybe it is there. Hehe. I think I have a few more things eligible for donation. Need to go through my stuff but I also got other work to do :-(

Saturday, 28 January 2012


Yesterday I was riding the Tube home and it was pretty packed. Since I got on a much, much earlier station,I had bagged myself a nice seat with my Fossil backpack and shopping clamoring on my lap. 

Eventually it lightened slightly but was still pretty full. I noticed a couple in front of me. Awww, just finish work, either heading out some where for dinner to unwind or home to cuddle. He wore this woven black/grey jacket and his partner was fiddling with it. I found myself wondering if he could feel her fiddling with it and if he did, it would be an affectionate gesture. But, the way she was fiddling with it and digging her thumb's nail into it made me feel like she was trying to get in between the weaves... She did it for max 30 seconds only which was good because I'd be irritated if she ruined his jacket!

Anyway, it was then Liverpool Street Station and the crowd lightened significantly. The guy beside me got up, the paper behind him tumbled onto the seat and the woman from the couple had positioned herself to sit down. I caught myself removing the paper so she could sit.

I didn't think much more.

But, I felt like I was being watched or looked at... I lifted my head slightly but not enough to make any face/eye contact. I felt the couple was looking at me; the man in front of the sitting lady. I then noticed he bowed down to listen to her and I heard "Gorgeous". Sneekily, I looked at the window across to see a reflection of her catching glances at me and smiling.

Ok, wow. Flattering but really? Like, my eyeliner and mascara had melted to settle on my lower lid. Like, I have all this blemishes from pimples. Like, my skin was dry from dehydration and work. Hmmm. Fanks anyway!

I got up and walked out at my stop.

Maybe I heard wrong but if it were true, hey, hey, made my day.

I leave you with what I wore today:

Gap woolen coat with drop shoulders bought at some cheap-ish price when I was a stingy student
H&M cotton cardigan bought at an agonizing £15 as a student a size too big
Fossil bag bought at a bargain from an outlet near Las Vegas (as a student!)
Miss Albright Mary Jane platforms from Anthropologie @Regent's Street
Merino wool tights from ASOS that kept my otherwise bare legs warm!
Underneath the coat
Zara Basic dress I got on sale yesterday
Miller & Jeeves Beautifully British yellow skinny belt from Anthropologies @King's Road

The dress in the dressing room. The sleeves are actually long and see-thru
(I swore I inverted this pic to be the right way around!)
Bought this awesome khussa (Indian slippers) from £7.50 after a double slash in price.
My Asian friend told me last year to wait for the sale and true enough the price fell so much
The shit thing is, I tried it on with my thick woolen thights and couldn't tell the size
So, I got a 4 which is impossibly small! Have to go back to the shop tomorrow. Shitz

Friday, 27 January 2012

January Sale

I have been MIA cos working, working. Got long weekend and I'm relaxing (read: shopping) but I still have afterwork work to do. Hai. But tomorrow going facial. Must go la. I feel like I look so ugly.

Anyway, today went shopping. Got paid this week, suddenly feel liberated. But must becareful if not like last month suddenly feel like wanna die. January in the UK always got geng sales. Sometimes can buy the bestest thing ever for £5 but not always can la.

Here are some suspense pics first. Hahaha. Next time I show you what's inside

Anthropologie SALE! @Regent's Street
Anthro again, Kurt Geiger, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Zara, Monsoon @ King's Road, Sloane Square
Anthropologie at King's Road. It is housed in a listed building so the shoe shop is in a separate part with a separate entrance to the main shop. Basically, looks more like a huge gallery than a shop. So much more freedom to walk around compared to the Regent's Street shop (which is nice also la and over three floors)
Anthro at King's Road - Looks like a warehouse, doesn't it?
Pretty but expensive Anthro bracelet on sale. Crocheted with beads in the middle of a cupped-shape crochet pattern. Didn't buy of course.
Shopping today at King's Road was superb! Compared to Oxford Street and the Westfields, there was hardly anyone around. Totally awesome. And it was certainly a very different high street to the ones I usually see round where I live. Haha. Will be probably my first shopping choice now if everything I want is there because it takes the same amount of time-ish to get there vs Oxford Street anyway.

Anthropologie Online
A few weeks ago I said I hoped to one day shop at Anthropologie when 'I grow up' (read: when my paycheck is super big). Ha, didn't need to wait long cos they brought the price down to suit my paycheck. Still a bit expensive but some things are cheap-ish if you dig and dig, look and look, wait and wait. Also got quality and I really like their style. Some thing I really wanted and I missed cos I waited and it never happened was a Faux Fur Gillet by Tiny with silk lining for like £40-50. So, if anyone sees, buy for me as present, k? Haha. Having said all that, Anthro in the US is much cheaper than the UK.

Still awaiting three more packages from Fossil, ASOS and cosmetic cos I ran out of hydator and my skin is drying and dying.

Anyway, I leave you with what I wore today.

River Island Pea Coat, V&A silk/cotton scarf, Fossil Vintage Re-issue backpack, Kurt Geiger woolen mittens, Banana Republic Weekender Chino
My MNG wool cardigan back to its normal shape!, Abercrombie & Fitch leather belt, Abercrombie & Fitch top
My beloved Russell&Bromley pink patent leather brogues. Bought last year, worn today for the first time!
I'm so glad I got it because they don't do it in pink anymore.. and it was cheaper then.
The sun was out today so no water was gonna ruin it.
Hurgh ok la. Wanna sleep. Night night. Until next time! x

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Shrunken Wool Cardigan

OMG, I just typed a whole post and it disappeared! Arrgh!!

Anyway, cut short story shorter. I had this MNG pink wool/angora cardigan I so loved and it really keeps me warm on cold, cold days. Do not be fooled by it's crocheted look. It is ever so warm.

And, I love MNG styles but nothing ever fits cos the bust is so crazy small. Like, my bust isn't big but MNG makes dresses for men.

Anyway, I put this wool/angora steal-of-a-buy-for-£5 in a normal 40 degrees Celsius wash and it shrunk! So upset cos I have always looked after it well! The wool became dense and felt-like. I have always been ever so careful with it. So my heart had been aching every time I see it. Even though still can fit (tight fit), I missed its baggy fuzziness.

So, I embarked on trying to reshape my sweater. Apparently, the technique is called blocking used by clothes manufacturers to make oversized sweaters.

Ok, here is a lop sided image of my fav cardigan
A basin of lukewarm water and conditioner
Soaked for 30 minutes
Painstakingly pull every part of the fabric
Dunno if you can see but on the bottom right, you can see thru the little holes to the blue towel underneath
The upper left is dense like felt and not see-through-able
Zoom out of the above
Me pulling on the fabric. Haha, not a great pic
After pulling the left sleeve. See how the left sleeve is now bigger and puffier?
Puffier like it used to be, I hope!
Ok, so the middle flower has been pulled and the holes are bigger
Compare this to the flower on the left where the wool looks all bunched up
The cardigan looks bigger post-blocking
After blocking, I covered the cardigan in the towel and rolled it up as per advice from other websites
I guess the covering/rolling holds the wool fibres out and prevents it from shrinking whilst drying
Day 1 post-drying. It is still damn but shape is holding
I put a fan underneath it so as to avoid damp smells
Good white balance. This is actually the colour of the cardigan.

Day 1 post-drying: The front
Looks like this may work. :-D

Friday, 13 January 2012


Remember this?
My Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren 100% wool coat I bought from Macy's in NYC last December.
I took the wrong size (L) despite having tried an M and finding the M OK.]
They had it 25% off and I had a 25% off coupon to use on top of that which made the coat like, £80-90.
So, since I was back in NYC, I thought I could exchange...
SOLD OUT over Christmas or post-Christmas.
They had TONS when I was last there
So, he refunded me my monies. Sniff.
I will be cold when I return to London this weekend. Apparently temperatures will be subzero.

Thursday, 12 January 2012


Back in the Big Apple. Arrived yesterday. It's been raining. I've been chilling. O M G. Work interview next week so I've been preparing and working, too.

Heathrow Terminal 3
Home to Virgin Atlantic and although the lights should conjour an image of the Red Light District,
I find it quite calming like I'd be going on a holiday

Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Rose Bush

Sometime in autumn, my friends and I went to Westfield shopping. I ended up buying a rose cardigan-blouse from Primark. There were two types of rose cardigans: one was nice, neat, tight, prim and proper roses and; the other was messy, larger and more grungy. The former was the preferred choice of my friends and something I'd wear if invited to a wedding which was why I didn't buy it. I had ideas for the grungy rose cardi-blouse and I called it "The Rose Bush". My friend told me to show her my idea when I got around to it.

Autograph by Primark
At £10, this was a little find.
100% synthetic material
Large dirty bronze hook. Essential to the look.
Months later.....

Leather Biker Jacket from Bonprix
Rose Top from Primark
Leather Belt from Abercrombie&Fitch
Green Skinnies from Bonprix
Brown Leather Boots by Steve Madden from Macy's
Leather Bag from Fossil
Ring from Forever21, I think
Leather bracelet from cannot remember where, probably Padini
Bronze bracelet, maybe present from (grand)mother
(errr, I like leather?)
As you can tell, I got lazy trying to blank out the background hohoho. And, as you cannot tell, I have put on weight. Sobs. But I love the grungy look. So amazing even if I say so myself! On the left, it's untucked and I found it irritating to see my stomach poking out. I thought the tucked look on the right was better although the change is uber subtle. The top is too short and may eventually come untucked. Another subtle feature: the pants is like way too long but it works good because it lets me push the extra material to sit just above the top of the boot. Maybe I'm too fat so the draping/crease is not that noticeable hoho!

The Rose Bush

I was seriously looking for green pants all over but the 'hit' colours during those months were bright pinks, blues, reds, yellows, etc. So I had to Google search for 'Green pants' lol and because it wasn't the 'in' colour it was also cheaper at approx £10 from Bonprix. I think they gave me a slight different style to the ones I ordered because these have buttons on the sides of the ankles. The pants is too long so I have to roll it up and the buttons can't be see anyway.
Before I got my boots, the alternative idea was to wear it with my Russell&Bromley brogues but it's so ungrunge.
That was another reason why it took so long to get this outfit together.

 LOL, the layout of this post was unintentional but it does look quite outstanding (even if I say so myself!). Anyway, I leave you with three more things:
The Rose Bush, Instagram'ed!
You'll see me rocking this in Spring, when all the rose bushes are in bloom.
L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. by Noah and The WhaleYou've got more than money and sense, my friendYou've got heart and your goin your own wayL.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.What you don't have now will come back againYou've got heart and your goin your own way
I absolutely love this song by Noah and The Whale. Heard it several times at my favourite home store and finally managed to Shazam it! I love the band's style, sound and O M G the curly hair is so for eating. One day, I'm gonna get a nice suit from Savile Row like NATW wears in their official LIFEGOESON video.