Sunday, 29 January 2012


My dream to sleep early has been flushed down the toilet. But I did nap after dinner for uhm, 2-3 hours. OMG, most amazing sleep ever. If I didn't need to wake up to brush my teeth I'd be still in bed two hours ago.

Anyway, some people donate blood but I donate things. Today went and dropped off some items I didn't want/need anymore. I have been thinking about it for a while and well, I will never forget these things even though I no longer have them.

BAG: Synthetic weave bag with cotton-patterned lining. It comes with a pouch that is attached to the bag. I think I bought it in Summer 2008 for RM60. That time weave bag very the fashionable.
CARDIGAN: H&M yellow cotton cardigan. Yes, I wore this yesterday and after that, I was convinced I had to give it away. Don't get me wrong, I like it very much but it is much too big for me. I remember I bought this for £15 as a student.  £15 was a lot of money because £20 already can feed me for one week. I went to the shop not once but twice and every time I went, I walk round and round and round the shop thinking if I should buy. Dunno why I pick size M, though! If anything, I was defo much slimmer/toned as a student
I really like this bag. It's pretty. Nice to carry. People generally give good comments...
But I dun like the flowers and maybe the colour doesn't generally suit the stuff I wear.
COAT: My woolen GAP pea coat. Like the H&M cardi, this was an agonizing buy at £30. I remember my mum was there and she said to just buy it la. Seriously a good buy because it was such a warm coat and I didn't really have a wool coat then. Sadly, last year I accidentally put it in the washing machine and it shrunk. Although I still can wear and it's like a tailored fit, the lining didn't shrink and it doesn't feel as comfortable
DRESS: my mum bought for me. I cannot imagine how to wear it. Sorry mum!
So, if you like anything above, head to your nearest charity shop! Maybe it is there. Hehe. I think I have a few more things eligible for donation. Need to go through my stuff but I also got other work to do :-(

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