Monday, 30 January 2012

Online Shopping

Today was 'Waiting for Parcels' Day.
I expected 3 deliveries but only 2 came :-(

0830 hours
ASOS Next Day Delivery by Parcelforce!

:-D What's in here?
A shiny parrot
Where to put? Hair? Lapel? Necklace?
An oversized ring
Imagine getting a pure gold and diamond engagement ring like that
Don't want the guy also cannot reject the ring LOL
ASOS Merino Wool Mix tights in grey 
It's really long but I like it that way. Some tights are so incredibly short it ends at the thighs, how to wear??
I saw this in a magazine a few months ago. £240.
ASOS Lace Dress with Full Skirt
ASOS Petite Swing Dress with Lace Chiffon
ASOS Fit and Flare Dress with Embroidered Spots in Petite
100% cotton and tailored fit
It is a super nice dress but really tight over the shoulders.
And because of its high price, too it qualifies for >>RETURN<<

A pintuck pleat down the spine. Nice!

Fitted button cuffs
 1530 hours
UPS Delivery for Fossil
I saw the size of the box and was instantly disappointed
Luckily Fossil is currently offering Free Delivery
Yes, true, this is the design I wanted but it was the A4  clutch bag I wanted, not the little purse!
Hai, why my Dermalogica not yet come? My face is drying.. :-(

Lastly, I'm glad sales is over! No more temptation! Woohoo! :-)

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