Monday, 27 February 2012


Everybody likes free stuff. Not often do things come for free especially in an expensive megapolis like London. But hey, hey guess what I found whilst buying a £2.15 cup of coffee...

Free iTunes download. Weekly download. Awesome. Ok, it's only one song but if it goes on for a year that's potentially 52 songs to bag which is about 40 quid worth of songs or thereabouts. Cheap advertising too I suppose.


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Aviation Style

It is that time of the month again when your truly heads to another land to explore the unknown. Unknown to me je la haha.

So, here's my travel get up. A little different from usual but the jacket is now what I call my travel jacket. It's an Abercrombie&Fitch item bought in Guangzhou, China. And although I'd like to think it is probably original I have some doubts as it says AF and Abercrombie. A little bit atypical to their current branding but the jacket is circa 2005. Another reason is it being size L and I'm pretty sure size L outside of China would be massive. Anyway, I had initially wrinkled my nose at the faux fur collar but everything about the jacket is 100% cotton and washable. So, now I love it! And, I use it for travel cos of the multitude of pockets I use to store valuables.

Cotton Old Navy scarf

Banana Republic Weekender Chino

Steve Madden Leather Boots that smells really strongly of leather. I can smell it from where I'm sitting.

Fossil Re-vintage Leather Bag

Mendoza Cabin Bag which is super light and it's a bag I have had for 7 years now!

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

My first V-Day in five years as a single person. And, it feels great! Actually, it feels like any other day like it always does, like it always does on my birthday too. I don't feel like I have powered-up and become something else or something better. I don't have goals or expectations for Valentine's, just like I don't for Christmas and New Year's. Because, expectations not met lead to baaaaaad things. And, I'm happy from within.

But I looked forward to this day. A day where I don't have to hear, "I am so glad to have you in my life. You are the best thing that happened. You are special and funny. You make me happy" from a man who, well, could have said it to any other girl and still wanted to be with some other man. And said the same things to a man and banged him. Oh, the thought!  (face only applies to this particular man)

I don't have to expect the unexpected.

So, I hope y'all had a great day and Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a picture dedicated to all of us who got nothing (I didn't buy it, just took a picture)!

Monday, 13 February 2012

South Indian Fish Curry

Ok, today a Chinese girl teach you how to make Southern Indian Fish Curry.
Can only happen if this Chinese girl grew up in India or Malaysia. Btw, got this Chinese guy at my workplace who so totally grew up in India and speaks with an Indian accent, so dun pray pray w Chinese. LOL.

1. Garlic
2. Onion
5. Oil
6. Chilli (and chilli powder)
7. Tomatoes
8. Ladies finger/Okra
9. Salt
10. Fish curry powder
11. Tamarind/Lemon
12. Fresh fish of any kind... just not the canned ones or preserved ones
Anything else you think you would like to eat in the curry cos I'm quite cing cai bo cai (easy going)

Step 1: Prepare your ingredients. Clean and wash. Slice in any way you are happy for you vegetables to exist in. Flower shape also can.

Step 2: Heat oil. Throw mustard seeds and asafoetida in. It's very satisfying to see the mustard seeds jump about in the hot oil, just like pop corn. Then add the garlic and half the onions.
Step 3: Add the fish curry power. Baba's is a pretty good brand. Fry it a bit but don't let it burn.
Step 4: Add water. Actually this step is wrong, read on to see why. But if you do this, it's not a disaster also la ok. Don't worry.
Step 5: Add the tomatoes quite early on. The goal is for it to basically boil to pulp and it adds flavour to the curry. All you should hope to see is the skins left. Sometimes, I hold back some tomatoes right till the end cos I do like half-cooked tomatoes in my curry.
Step 6: Add remaining onions and chillis. I added the other vege a little later so it won't be boiled to pulp.
Step 7: Added the okra just as the curry is almost done (i.e. the tomatoes almost gone) cos if you over-cook okra you might get a gloopy, slimey curry!
Step 8: Add curry leaves right at the end. An Indian aunty thought my mum this. I'm not sure why but I guess if you overcook the leaves, the flavour will wither with the heat?
Step 9: Salt to taste, stir.
Step 10: Add fish and push it right to the bottom when it is still raw and firm. Let simmer for 5 minutes and turn off fire.
Step 11: Say "Voila! It is done"
Verdict: FAILED (bold, underline and highlight) taste test. WHY???!!!?!?!?!! Doshite!!?!?!???! T_T

Troubleshoot: forgot tamarind juice le.... So for Step 4, use tamarind water and not water. Even lemon or lime juice works fine in the event you have no tamarind.
Step 4 corrected: Pour in tamarind water as opposed to clear water. Add boiling water to dried tamarind and let it rehydrate. Then, get a woman or a professional male chef to do as depicted in the picture. This is because regular guys, even the gay ones (I know this cos I dated one for four years) do not have asbestos hands. Generally you can add more water to the pulp and milk as much goodness as possible out of it.
In you are an expert in South Indian cooking, I would appreciate any constructive criticism and comments!

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Again, I have hardly any food in my fridge mainly due to laziness to go and buy food and to cook.
But after dinner and eating the last portion of ayam masak merah (a type of Malaysian curry), I was really craving dessert. Too bad can't order dessert for takeaway!
But I had butter, flour and sugar... and I know how to make scones!

In a small, small bowl, I guesstimated the amount of flour and brown sugar.
See how the bowl is too small?
Added some hastily softened butter which was softened using the heat of my hands. LOL.
Gently rub the butter in until you get the flour to be like breadcrumbs
Then, add some milk in to bind the mixture to get.......
You shouldn't work the dough too hard; it should be uber nice and soft like a baby's bum.

Mine was just like a baby's bum.
Roll and cut, if you wish
Or just divide the round dough equally and flatten
Laid out ready for baking
150C for 20 minutes
Dum dee dee dum dee dee dum... twiddle my thumbs
Dessert, dessert.. grrrrrr
Just cooked. Not burnt at the bottom
Soft and fluffy inside
Buttered, jammed and swallowed
The scone didn't rise so much cos I didn't put baking soda
And its brown cos of the brown sugar
Who cares about the appearance. After all, I'm not joining a county show competition cos when I do, move aside for the winner please.

My tummy thinks I'm awesome. I'm awesome.
Good night! ^_^ Sleep happy.

Scones with tea
Zoom in for a closer look. Drool.
Scones topped with whipped cream (aiyah, couldn't find the clotted cream) and jam.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

New York City

Finally managed to get my film processed and scanned. Here are some pictures from my trips to sunny New York City in December and January.

Apple on 5th Avenue
Coney Island Sunset
Spring In A New Yorker's Step
Brunch With Friends Enjoyed With Elvis's Favourite Food
Hope you like these pictures as much as I do. I love the New York sunshine which was a great escape from the grey skies of the British Isles. But, to be fair, the British Isles has been offering a fair bit of sunshine coupled in with some snow falls this winter.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


In university we were taught to reflect. Actually, we reflect all the time, just not formally. The shower is a common place for us to reflect on events or even scheme up future events. I hated reflecting officially on paper for my tutors to read because the grammar and flow needed to be thought out well.. and the content mature, meaningful and structured. Hahaha, I suppose blogging is some where in between a formal and informal way of reflecting.

Anyway, I had been looking back on past entries and even just pondering about my life now as opposed to five months ago. I am almost at the six month mark after my break up. The initial objectivity of my blog had changed just one day of my starting my (previous) blog; from a simple blog show casing EVERYTHING I bought to a general everything and anything blog. I guess, I partly needed to write things about him, us, myself, my friends and the kaypohchis to let the hurt out. Repair and heal. Surprisingly, I bounced back quicker than I imagined; I imagined I'd still be brawling my eyes out now!

I think the number one people in my life the last few months were my mother (bangga!) and my friends. My mother basically fended this guy off back home. My friends asked me out every free day I had just to cheer my up. Other friends had let me be and allowed me not to talk about him at work - which was great - because the last thing would be to break down in front of clients. Kaypochis, on the other hand, tried giving me LGBT advice.... *facepalm* hello, who is gay here?

I'm not the one who is gay

So, actually I haven't actually thought about him much this 2012. Can count, two times. One was last week on the way to King's Road whilst listening to So Long, So Long by Dashboard Confessional and Someone Like You by Adele and tearing up in the District Line. Bloody marah with myself if I actually messed up my eyeliner. Add salt to wound, saw two really good-looking, fashionable, straight-dressed-but-can-tell-they're-gay men embracing each other super lovingly on the District Line. Happy for them la and I also want to be loved by true straight and good looking guy (not too much to ask, right?)! They're the kind of guys my ex-boyfriend would oogle over. Although he only told me he likes straight-looking gay guys, I have a good idea what kind of guy he is into la. Errr, puke because when I first met him, this wasn't what I had in mind. Hurgh, luckily was my stop then so I can go shopping, forget him and be happy!

The second time was a few nights ago. Wa, nightmare man. I dreamt I was still (friends) with that bangau. Sakit hati betul (Really heartache) see him every day. Feel like throwing things at him. Avoid him and all his/our friends. Sit alone. Hold back tears. Feel like hitting myself. Feel like pouring hot oil on myself! Stressful gila babi punya dream. Luckily was just a dream before higher cortical function regained control. Why la you dream about him, little mind?

Another thing I noticed; I am buying so much clothes! Most of it is winter stuff if not dresses. I can think of a few reasons: 1) cold; 2) want to look pretty; 3) no boyfriend to tell me "No need la, let's go; 4) no boyfriend to sabotage me to not look nice; and 5) some income. Hmmm, but I also notice I am not planning travelling as much. Is the buying compromising the travel? Another few reasons for lack of travel planning: 1) busy with work/interviews/projects; 2) want to spend time relaxing in my bed; 3) no money; and 4) so cold.

But I am trying to book annual leave so X fingers, maybe can holiday at the end of the month or early next month!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Bertie Piccadily Boots

I visited Bertie because they had a boots promotion. Why? Why? I thought January Sales were over. Why this promo now??

Bertie store in Convent Garden
I swear this shop's new. I've seen in it South Molten Street but I think this is new
It was here that these boots and their buttons caught my eye with an eye brow raised
Piccadilly Riding Knee-High Boots
At £169, I walked away quite easily but always admired from afar
Strangely, I have been seeing a handful of people in West London sporting them. Ah, those West Londoners...
Wait, where else have I seen it?
John Lewis magazine called the Viola Long Leather Boot by Gabor for £150 last autumn
So, Bertie's boot is really a generic boot that they've taken and lined the sole with 'Bertie'
The dark brown had £40 off. Why? Is the colour unpopular?
A little tight zipping up on the calf area which has never happened to me before!! Do I have fat calves?
The leather was smooth, slightly rigid and shiny. A more 'formal' type of leather
Size 38/5. Perfect foot fit. 39 was OK-ish and better on the calf.
The light brown and the black had £30 off. I'd have thought black to be the least popular colour
The tan was a softer and more rugged leather. No issues with the calves there (Yipp!!)
Size 38/5. 39 was also OK and would accommodate thick socks but this size was perfect fit.
The shoe box
So which one did I purchase?
The cheaper dark brown?
The softer tan?
Wait and see ;-)
I bought it all cos my friend CT was saying: 1) boots are worth it; 2) boots are always expensive; and 3) GET IT! Hahaha.
And one may wonder why there is a sweeper at the side of the box. Read below.
The story of Bertie is pretty interesting. It's one that inspires, motivates, encourages and enables one to believe that passion, dedication and hard work does reward. You see, I read the story of Carlo of Bertie; he used to clean an airport. I fancy it maybe Milan Bergamo or some other posh Milanese airport but it could well be Stansted of Heathrow. At this airport, he'd brush shoulders with shoe makers/importers/businessmen. Bertie was a secret shoe connoisseur, I suppose and he some how found his love for shoes and decided to start selling them! I guess this was in 1974 seeing the stamps on his shoe box read 1974. Anyways, the full and true story can be read here cos I only remember fragments.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Eat Fruit

This was inspired after I watched Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals and seeing a Japanese friend post a picture of an apple she baked with honey.

All I needed was some honey. And maybe ice cream but I settled for Greek yogurt because I couldn't be bothered to visit the supermarket again once I reached my high street.

Honig and dessert apples from.... at least 3 months ago
Spot the peach
Six apples and a peach mixed with honey
Baked in the oven at 150C for approx 30 minutes and whack it up 200C for maybe another 15 minutes
Should be sticky and sweet

Then, makes layers with fruit, Greek yogurt, honey, fruit, Greek yogurt, honey.. and I lapped it all up and forgot to take a photo! :-) Easily exceed one of your five-a-day.

Nah, pic from the morning after
Side profile. So pretty! Yumz.
The last few nights I was working with a Lithuanian guy who was telling me how he felt nostalgic about the snow. He said when he was a child, they'd be guaranteed three months of snow during winter with temperatures around -20C. Things have changed: snow comes later in February or March; doesn't last as long; is a little unpredictable; and temperatures can now plunge below -30C. And he said although the grit doesn't plough the snow, it prevents the formation of ice from the melted sludge. Ok, fair enough.
And it's true. If there wasn't grit, there'd be ice and I'd have to  be more careful with every step