Sunday, 12 February 2012


Again, I have hardly any food in my fridge mainly due to laziness to go and buy food and to cook.
But after dinner and eating the last portion of ayam masak merah (a type of Malaysian curry), I was really craving dessert. Too bad can't order dessert for takeaway!
But I had butter, flour and sugar... and I know how to make scones!

In a small, small bowl, I guesstimated the amount of flour and brown sugar.
See how the bowl is too small?
Added some hastily softened butter which was softened using the heat of my hands. LOL.
Gently rub the butter in until you get the flour to be like breadcrumbs
Then, add some milk in to bind the mixture to get.......
You shouldn't work the dough too hard; it should be uber nice and soft like a baby's bum.

Mine was just like a baby's bum.
Roll and cut, if you wish
Or just divide the round dough equally and flatten
Laid out ready for baking
150C for 20 minutes
Dum dee dee dum dee dee dum... twiddle my thumbs
Dessert, dessert.. grrrrrr
Just cooked. Not burnt at the bottom
Soft and fluffy inside
Buttered, jammed and swallowed
The scone didn't rise so much cos I didn't put baking soda
And its brown cos of the brown sugar
Who cares about the appearance. After all, I'm not joining a county show competition cos when I do, move aside for the winner please.

My tummy thinks I'm awesome. I'm awesome.
Good night! ^_^ Sleep happy.

Scones with tea
Zoom in for a closer look. Drool.
Scones topped with whipped cream (aiyah, couldn't find the clotted cream) and jam.


  1. looks like cookies instead of dessert for me.. XD

    1. It does actually look and taste more like a Welsh Cake then a scone. More of a sweet snack than a proper dessert, I guess. But was delish even if I say so and made it myself. LOL.