Monday, 6 February 2012

Eat Fruit

This was inspired after I watched Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals and seeing a Japanese friend post a picture of an apple she baked with honey.

All I needed was some honey. And maybe ice cream but I settled for Greek yogurt because I couldn't be bothered to visit the supermarket again once I reached my high street.

Honig and dessert apples from.... at least 3 months ago
Spot the peach
Six apples and a peach mixed with honey
Baked in the oven at 150C for approx 30 minutes and whack it up 200C for maybe another 15 minutes
Should be sticky and sweet

Then, makes layers with fruit, Greek yogurt, honey, fruit, Greek yogurt, honey.. and I lapped it all up and forgot to take a photo! :-) Easily exceed one of your five-a-day.

Nah, pic from the morning after
Side profile. So pretty! Yumz.
The last few nights I was working with a Lithuanian guy who was telling me how he felt nostalgic about the snow. He said when he was a child, they'd be guaranteed three months of snow during winter with temperatures around -20C. Things have changed: snow comes later in February or March; doesn't last as long; is a little unpredictable; and temperatures can now plunge below -30C. And he said although the grit doesn't plough the snow, it prevents the formation of ice from the melted sludge. Ok, fair enough.
And it's true. If there wasn't grit, there'd be ice and I'd have to  be more careful with every step

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  1. good that you try althought just watched the Jamie TV program..