Sunday, 5 February 2012

London SNOWS!

More accurately, Essex snows.
I was working last night and headed to work around 1945 hours. It was drizzling snow then and there was nothing on the ground. By 2200 hours there was some serious snow brewing outside.
It was awesome but I wondered how I was going to walk back in my weave-like shoes. All the snow would slip in, wouldn't it?

0100 hours - It snows heavily early in the morning
There's around 2-3 inches of snow by now
0200 hours - it continues to snow but a bit less heavily
0800 hours - The view from the rooftop of my workplace
Lovely white untouched snow
Someone's created a little path leading out and towards one of my workplace's entrances.. and gritted it too.
The smooth journey home only lasted 10 metres (as you see in the pic!)
There's at least 5 inches of snow
0900 hours - Walking home, passing a path not taken
Snow covered trees
Amazing! Someone's tried walking in ~5 inch deep snow and slush with heels/wedges!!
They either have excellent balance or don't love their shoes or both
It wasn't that cold walking home. In fact, it was exhausting! What usually takes 10 minutes took at least 20 minutes if not more. And, really walking on compact snow was best. Fluffy snow made me a little unsteady and I didn't want snow clinging on my jeans and melting. Stepping into slush was the worse; all the water'd go in and it felt C-O-L-D and it happened right in front of my doorstep! Why??! *facepalm*

Everyone pretty much came into work on time, if not earlier!

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