Friday, 3 February 2012

Today's Wooly Outfit

Today was C-O-L-D in London. Yep, the rumours of snow seems ever more true now. The air bites, the skies are clear, the ground is full of grit. It's funny how Londoners think grit can 'rid' the ground of snow like a plough does. Maybe it will be light snow which means we'd be left with some disgusting slush.

Anyway, to keep warm... I wore woolies like I said earlier today. Here's the outfit:

GAP dropped shoulder brown wool coat
ASOS Merino Wool Mixed Tights in Grey
ASOS Long Ribbed Angora Mixed Cream Over The Knee Socks
Brown Suede Boots bought by my father from China before I started uni (not something I'd have gotten but it's pretty sweet)
Underneath the coat
Elevenses Wool Mix Cardigan from Anthropologie SALE (its got some nice name like Across the Country, like Anthro always names its stuff rustic names£29.90
YUMI Navy Wool Cardigan with Heart buttons from ASOS SALE £32.0
Abercrombie&Fitch frill skirt0
  pockets, ♥ buttons
Underneath the layers of cardis
My fav Abercrombie&Fitch top
It's got a deep U-back
You can imagine it'd be quite cold but it's great (and sexy!) in summer
In winter, a warm cardigan sorts it out
I have a series of charms on my Fossil bracelet now
The latest and first non-Fossil is this SHARP calculator which I got at the Anthropologie SALE for under £10!
Awesome. Yeah, awesome until I felt the cold charm banging my wrist.

On another note, it is boiling hot inside. Luckily, I found the thermostat set to 30C promptly opened the windows (not good seeing that the radiator is just under the window and my cross trainer isn't sure to expand or shrink by the window!), turned all the radiator knobs down and switched the thermostat to a reasonable 25C. And, I didn't even break sweat (ew). 30C is like standing in Singapore's midday sun without traffic... FML (lol, so in-trend saying that).

So, the woolies inc wool beanie hat and wool gloves JUST ABOUT kept me from dying of hypothermia.

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