Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Bertie Piccadily Boots

I visited Bertie because they had a boots promotion. Why? Why? I thought January Sales were over. Why this promo now??

Bertie store in Convent Garden
I swear this shop's new. I've seen in it South Molten Street but I think this is new
It was here that these boots and their buttons caught my eye with an eye brow raised
Piccadilly Riding Knee-High Boots
At £169, I walked away quite easily but always admired from afar
Strangely, I have been seeing a handful of people in West London sporting them. Ah, those West Londoners...
Wait, where else have I seen it?
John Lewis magazine called the Viola Long Leather Boot by Gabor for £150 last autumn
So, Bertie's boot is really a generic boot that they've taken and lined the sole with 'Bertie'
The dark brown had £40 off. Why? Is the colour unpopular?
A little tight zipping up on the calf area which has never happened to me before!! Do I have fat calves?
The leather was smooth, slightly rigid and shiny. A more 'formal' type of leather
Size 38/5. Perfect foot fit. 39 was OK-ish and better on the calf.
The light brown and the black had £30 off. I'd have thought black to be the least popular colour
The tan was a softer and more rugged leather. No issues with the calves there (Yipp!!)
Size 38/5. 39 was also OK and would accommodate thick socks but this size was perfect fit.
The shoe box
So which one did I purchase?
The cheaper dark brown?
The softer tan?
Wait and see ;-)
I bought it all cos my friend CT was saying: 1) boots are worth it; 2) boots are always expensive; and 3) GET IT! Hahaha.
And one may wonder why there is a sweeper at the side of the box. Read below.
The story of Bertie is pretty interesting. It's one that inspires, motivates, encourages and enables one to believe that passion, dedication and hard work does reward. You see, I read the story of Carlo of Bertie; he used to clean an airport. I fancy it maybe Milan Bergamo or some other posh Milanese airport but it could well be Stansted of Heathrow. At this airport, he'd brush shoulders with shoe makers/importers/businessmen. Bertie was a secret shoe connoisseur, I suppose and he some how found his love for shoes and decided to start selling them! I guess this was in 1974 seeing the stamps on his shoe box read 1974. Anyways, the full and true story can be read here cos I only remember fragments.

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