Saturday, 28 January 2012


Yesterday I was riding the Tube home and it was pretty packed. Since I got on a much, much earlier station,I had bagged myself a nice seat with my Fossil backpack and shopping clamoring on my lap. 

Eventually it lightened slightly but was still pretty full. I noticed a couple in front of me. Awww, just finish work, either heading out some where for dinner to unwind or home to cuddle. He wore this woven black/grey jacket and his partner was fiddling with it. I found myself wondering if he could feel her fiddling with it and if he did, it would be an affectionate gesture. But, the way she was fiddling with it and digging her thumb's nail into it made me feel like she was trying to get in between the weaves... She did it for max 30 seconds only which was good because I'd be irritated if she ruined his jacket!

Anyway, it was then Liverpool Street Station and the crowd lightened significantly. The guy beside me got up, the paper behind him tumbled onto the seat and the woman from the couple had positioned herself to sit down. I caught myself removing the paper so she could sit.

I didn't think much more.

But, I felt like I was being watched or looked at... I lifted my head slightly but not enough to make any face/eye contact. I felt the couple was looking at me; the man in front of the sitting lady. I then noticed he bowed down to listen to her and I heard "Gorgeous". Sneekily, I looked at the window across to see a reflection of her catching glances at me and smiling.

Ok, wow. Flattering but really? Like, my eyeliner and mascara had melted to settle on my lower lid. Like, I have all this blemishes from pimples. Like, my skin was dry from dehydration and work. Hmmm. Fanks anyway!

I got up and walked out at my stop.

Maybe I heard wrong but if it were true, hey, hey, made my day.

I leave you with what I wore today:

Gap woolen coat with drop shoulders bought at some cheap-ish price when I was a stingy student
H&M cotton cardigan bought at an agonizing £15 as a student a size too big
Fossil bag bought at a bargain from an outlet near Las Vegas (as a student!)
Miss Albright Mary Jane platforms from Anthropologie @Regent's Street
Merino wool tights from ASOS that kept my otherwise bare legs warm!
Underneath the coat
Zara Basic dress I got on sale yesterday
Miller & Jeeves Beautifully British yellow skinny belt from Anthropologies @King's Road

The dress in the dressing room. The sleeves are actually long and see-thru
(I swore I inverted this pic to be the right way around!)
Bought this awesome khussa (Indian slippers) from £7.50 after a double slash in price.
My Asian friend told me last year to wait for the sale and true enough the price fell so much
The shit thing is, I tried it on with my thick woolen thights and couldn't tell the size
So, I got a 4 which is impossibly small! Have to go back to the shop tomorrow. Shitz

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