Friday, 27 January 2012

January Sale

I have been MIA cos working, working. Got long weekend and I'm relaxing (read: shopping) but I still have afterwork work to do. Hai. But tomorrow going facial. Must go la. I feel like I look so ugly.

Anyway, today went shopping. Got paid this week, suddenly feel liberated. But must becareful if not like last month suddenly feel like wanna die. January in the UK always got geng sales. Sometimes can buy the bestest thing ever for £5 but not always can la.

Here are some suspense pics first. Hahaha. Next time I show you what's inside

Anthropologie SALE! @Regent's Street
Anthro again, Kurt Geiger, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Zara, Monsoon @ King's Road, Sloane Square
Anthropologie at King's Road. It is housed in a listed building so the shoe shop is in a separate part with a separate entrance to the main shop. Basically, looks more like a huge gallery than a shop. So much more freedom to walk around compared to the Regent's Street shop (which is nice also la and over three floors)
Anthro at King's Road - Looks like a warehouse, doesn't it?
Pretty but expensive Anthro bracelet on sale. Crocheted with beads in the middle of a cupped-shape crochet pattern. Didn't buy of course.
Shopping today at King's Road was superb! Compared to Oxford Street and the Westfields, there was hardly anyone around. Totally awesome. And it was certainly a very different high street to the ones I usually see round where I live. Haha. Will be probably my first shopping choice now if everything I want is there because it takes the same amount of time-ish to get there vs Oxford Street anyway.

Anthropologie Online
A few weeks ago I said I hoped to one day shop at Anthropologie when 'I grow up' (read: when my paycheck is super big). Ha, didn't need to wait long cos they brought the price down to suit my paycheck. Still a bit expensive but some things are cheap-ish if you dig and dig, look and look, wait and wait. Also got quality and I really like their style. Some thing I really wanted and I missed cos I waited and it never happened was a Faux Fur Gillet by Tiny with silk lining for like £40-50. So, if anyone sees, buy for me as present, k? Haha. Having said all that, Anthro in the US is much cheaper than the UK.

Still awaiting three more packages from Fossil, ASOS and cosmetic cos I ran out of hydator and my skin is drying and dying.

Anyway, I leave you with what I wore today.

River Island Pea Coat, V&A silk/cotton scarf, Fossil Vintage Re-issue backpack, Kurt Geiger woolen mittens, Banana Republic Weekender Chino
My MNG wool cardigan back to its normal shape!, Abercrombie & Fitch leather belt, Abercrombie & Fitch top
My beloved Russell&Bromley pink patent leather brogues. Bought last year, worn today for the first time!
I'm so glad I got it because they don't do it in pink anymore.. and it was cheaper then.
The sun was out today so no water was gonna ruin it.
Hurgh ok la. Wanna sleep. Night night. Until next time! x

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