Thursday, 19 January 2012

Shrunken Wool Cardigan

OMG, I just typed a whole post and it disappeared! Arrgh!!

Anyway, cut short story shorter. I had this MNG pink wool/angora cardigan I so loved and it really keeps me warm on cold, cold days. Do not be fooled by it's crocheted look. It is ever so warm.

And, I love MNG styles but nothing ever fits cos the bust is so crazy small. Like, my bust isn't big but MNG makes dresses for men.

Anyway, I put this wool/angora steal-of-a-buy-for-£5 in a normal 40 degrees Celsius wash and it shrunk! So upset cos I have always looked after it well! The wool became dense and felt-like. I have always been ever so careful with it. So my heart had been aching every time I see it. Even though still can fit (tight fit), I missed its baggy fuzziness.

So, I embarked on trying to reshape my sweater. Apparently, the technique is called blocking used by clothes manufacturers to make oversized sweaters.

Ok, here is a lop sided image of my fav cardigan
A basin of lukewarm water and conditioner
Soaked for 30 minutes
Painstakingly pull every part of the fabric
Dunno if you can see but on the bottom right, you can see thru the little holes to the blue towel underneath
The upper left is dense like felt and not see-through-able
Zoom out of the above
Me pulling on the fabric. Haha, not a great pic
After pulling the left sleeve. See how the left sleeve is now bigger and puffier?
Puffier like it used to be, I hope!
Ok, so the middle flower has been pulled and the holes are bigger
Compare this to the flower on the left where the wool looks all bunched up
The cardigan looks bigger post-blocking
After blocking, I covered the cardigan in the towel and rolled it up as per advice from other websites
I guess the covering/rolling holds the wool fibres out and prevents it from shrinking whilst drying
Day 1 post-drying. It is still damn but shape is holding
I put a fan underneath it so as to avoid damp smells
Good white balance. This is actually the colour of the cardigan.

Day 1 post-drying: The front
Looks like this may work. :-D

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