Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Rose Bush

Sometime in autumn, my friends and I went to Westfield shopping. I ended up buying a rose cardigan-blouse from Primark. There were two types of rose cardigans: one was nice, neat, tight, prim and proper roses and; the other was messy, larger and more grungy. The former was the preferred choice of my friends and something I'd wear if invited to a wedding which was why I didn't buy it. I had ideas for the grungy rose cardi-blouse and I called it "The Rose Bush". My friend told me to show her my idea when I got around to it.

Autograph by Primark
At £10, this was a little find.
100% synthetic material
Large dirty bronze hook. Essential to the look.
Months later.....

Leather Biker Jacket from Bonprix
Rose Top from Primark
Leather Belt from Abercrombie&Fitch
Green Skinnies from Bonprix
Brown Leather Boots by Steve Madden from Macy's
Leather Bag from Fossil
Ring from Forever21, I think
Leather bracelet from cannot remember where, probably Padini
Bronze bracelet, maybe present from (grand)mother
(errr, I like leather?)
As you can tell, I got lazy trying to blank out the background hohoho. And, as you cannot tell, I have put on weight. Sobs. But I love the grungy look. So amazing even if I say so myself! On the left, it's untucked and I found it irritating to see my stomach poking out. I thought the tucked look on the right was better although the change is uber subtle. The top is too short and may eventually come untucked. Another subtle feature: the pants is like way too long but it works good because it lets me push the extra material to sit just above the top of the boot. Maybe I'm too fat so the draping/crease is not that noticeable hoho!

The Rose Bush

I was seriously looking for green pants all over but the 'hit' colours during those months were bright pinks, blues, reds, yellows, etc. So I had to Google search for 'Green pants' lol and because it wasn't the 'in' colour it was also cheaper at approx £10 from Bonprix. I think they gave me a slight different style to the ones I ordered because these have buttons on the sides of the ankles. The pants is too long so I have to roll it up and the buttons can't be see anyway.
Before I got my boots, the alternative idea was to wear it with my Russell&Bromley brogues but it's so ungrunge.
That was another reason why it took so long to get this outfit together.

 LOL, the layout of this post was unintentional but it does look quite outstanding (even if I say so myself!). Anyway, I leave you with three more things:
The Rose Bush, Instagram'ed!
You'll see me rocking this in Spring, when all the rose bushes are in bloom.
L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. by Noah and The WhaleYou've got more than money and sense, my friendYou've got heart and your goin your own wayL.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.What you don't have now will come back againYou've got heart and your goin your own way
I absolutely love this song by Noah and The Whale. Heard it several times at my favourite home store and finally managed to Shazam it! I love the band's style, sound and O M G the curly hair is so for eating. One day, I'm gonna get a nice suit from Savile Row like NATW wears in their official LIFEGOESON video.

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