Friday, 6 January 2012

New Year Outfit

I had always been meaning to post pictures of some outfit combos I come up with. Kinda like some of the fashion/lifestyle blogs although I'm not into mainstream and in-trend cults. I don't have a full length mirror and it's the main reason why I haven't done so. And, I don't really dress up much cos I pretty much wear uniform to work. I tried to make a bit of effort on New Year's to take some photos! I quite like my get up that day. Very grunge, I thought.

Anyway, here it is.
Leather Biker Jacket from Bonprix
Gutted! I just checked and its £43.95 but was £69.95 (I think) when I bought it although my size has run out.
Cardigan from Denim&Supply by Ralph Lauren. 100% cotton and super thick.
Scarf from Desigual. Bought by my mummy when we went to Barcelona
A&F top with cutback.
Leather weave belt from National Geographic Store. SALE £10.
Low rise skinny jeans from SEED for like £15-20 and its quite thick and warm
Ankle boots by Steve Madden from Macy's
Laces tried with a square/reef knot. Hehe.
My Fossil Addiction :-)
Leather Satchel from H&M at a bargian £35.xx
Had to keep checking the website over and over for stock and it goes so fast! I was very lucky.
Normally £60-70
My Christmas present from my flatmate - a one inch harmonica necklace!
It truly does work.
Best gift ever.
I quite liked the look. A bit boyish but I really like men's fashion, too. I have to say though. men these days look like women and women look like men. Then again, girls these days play with go-karts and the boys like collecting Barbies! Haha.

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