Thursday, 1 March 2012

Nature's Beauty

Today I had the opportunity to read a passionate cabin manager's description of the perks (and downs) of her job. One of the good memories she had was when the caption and first officer summoned her to the flight deck to he greeted by a beautiful view of a full moon and it's reflection over calm sea waters. They serenaded her with some love song.

That was that until...

The first officer announced and woke most of us sleepy heads to enjoy the view of The Alps outside the windows. The Alps looked expansive. It's mountains covered in beautiful clean white snow but the tips and faces rough and jagged. Everyone just looked out and on and on until it finally came to an end when we saw a fairly large river draining from the alps....

And I thought to myself: should I re-train as a pilot? Ah, would it bore me to fly the same route everyday? I didn't think the caption and his sidekick were ever bored as the same route would see different conditions and the views would differ, too. And, to share it with a cabin full of people would make one all fuzzy inside.

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