Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hungarian Souvenirs

Quick update cos I'm working tomorrow. Mergh, work.

When I was I'm Budapest two weekends ago, the shops were all closed on Sunday. So, even finding a shop to buy a postcard for Mummy and a magnet seemed unlikely. However, I stumbled upon a shop outside the Basillica Szt Istvan which was open.

Clockwise from top left: Sweet paprika, cloth tulips, magnet of the Hungarian Parliament

I bought a magnet of the Parliament. Ah, the Parliament is such a beautiful gothic-style building and the third largest in Europe with Westminister and another parliament ahead of it. It was apparently built to accommodate a town of 300,000 people. I'm not sure what the population of Budapest is. Anyway, I went for a 40 minute tour of the Parliament for 3550HUF (free to EU citizens. No fair, I pay taxes too!) but more about that when I have developed my films. I have 12 rolls to develop now cos my friend returned 3 more I gave to her for safe-keeping!

Cloth tulips with my Murano glass tulips and lily
Perhaps they don't go along as nicely as I had imagined

I also bought six cloth tulips for 1000HUF each, which is approx £3. Actually, that's pretty expensive now that I think about it. :-/ Oh well. The purple one and the sweet paprika is for my housemaid housemate whose fav colour is purple. I gave it to her today and she seemed happy to get them and had an appreciation for sweet paprika :-)

Ah, I forgot I bought this too
2000 HUF for a stained glass piece of  the Parliament in the summer time

Well, time to prepare for bed. Sigh, the guys have seriously left an impression on me although nothing happened. It's hard to shake off but I guess work will definitely distract me.

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