Thursday, 8 March 2012

H&M and Marni

I feel exhausted. Emotions ran high earlier today when H&M releases their Marni collection at 9am this morning in stores and online.

I had chosen four things (pieces sounds so pretentious) I wanted to buy. I kinda mistook what they meant when they said 'customers are allowed to buy a piece from each section of the collection'. I thought it was either one piece of clothing, shoe or accessory. Only later on did I discover it meant one size and no multiple buys of an item!

My choices:
1) Dot dot dress
I turly fell in love with this dress. My heart was racing when I first saw this picture
2) Halter neck polka dot dress
Looks nice too. Maybe look enough will eventually want it haha.
3) Silk scarf
4) Leather bag
Number 2 and 4 was bought by Mummy Dearest (two because I thought one item from one 'section' only).

Reserve list:
1) Flower necklace as worn in the first picture
2) Platform leather sandellettes as worn in the third picture

We had to also "queue" online. I managed to put the Blue Dot Dot Dress and silk scarf in my Online Basket but I couldn't checkout on my iPhone! So stressful! By the time mum got back online, the dress, scarf and necklace was gone.

So I headed to Westfield during break time and just missed the "Admittance Band" by one person. There were the pink and White bands queueing before the public could start queueing to get it.

A section closed off for the Marni collection between 9am-1pm for access to only those with bands
I went in without a band just before 1pm and after my group, they opened the gates for a free-for-all
I spotted the Blue Dot Dot Dress hiding in a corner when the pinks and first half of the whites browsing.. I was praying and praying. Some stupid lady in the first White group took the dress and put it down again but she left it in a PROMINENT area. It was gone when I got into the gated designer area. What a narrow, narrow miss :-(

When I got in, I made a beeline for the last yellow silk scarf.

Silk Triangular Scarf
TBH, I'm quite disappointed with this scarf.
It looks like it started out life as a square scarf with seamed edges
Then, in hopes of garnering more return, H&M/Marni decided to cut it in half and get  double the return for a scarf
The diagonal edge looks cut and is unseamed. Can you see the fray? My iPhone can't focus on it.
True, that it maybe for rolling up and who'd see it but it looks really cheap for a £20 scarf.
I got my Comtoir des Cotonniers silk scarf for £32 and it looks far ahead of this silly thing
I think I may offer it to the housemate to buy if she wants or return.
But, I was quite sad actually. I took the Blue Dot Dot Blouse as a consolation but thought it looked funny. Size 10 was quite large although I'm usually 10 for H&M's regular range. So, I settled for 8 in the blouse.

The Blue Dot Dot Blouse.
Contemplating returning it
I can't seem to make the back work like a beautiful pattern
I do love the print a lot though
Also got the platform leather sandellettes as consolation. All they had were sizes 38, 39 and 40. The boxes for sizes 39 and 40 were 25% bigger than the 38 box!

Made in Portugal, my favourite place at the moment
So, for about 40 minutes I hung about hoping the Blue Dot Dot Dress would reappear on the racks although I think I saw a lady with several Marni shopping bags holding it - she looked like a professional buyer. Haha, musnah harapan.

That was until I saw these two middle aged women taking hold of the maxi dress from a hidden corner. The lady said she really loved it and it was the one she wanted. However, it was quite obvious it wasn't her size and there was no point her paying £80 for it. I hung close to her and as soon as she put it down, POW!! Size 6, totally fits. And, I got it AFTER the gates were taken down for a free-for-all. How lucky was I?

Maxi Dress
Originally my on the top of my list to buy before I thought I'd probably be sweeping floors with it
But with the platform leather sandellettes, these two buys may be the best ever combo in the collection for me
Lucky steal
I think I could be happy with this and just the sandellettes alone
Size 6 fits. Impossible!
Maxi Dress dust bag
So, I'm quite worried now the halter neck polka dot would be too big (and I love it!). I have a feeling it is more American sizes rather than UK. I hope it will be OK!! I am thinking I may return the leather bag as it is patent leather and doesn't look that nice in real life... Hurry up and show up in the mail! (Edit: I cancelled the order for the bag, so check on-line ladies! Maybe there for you ;-) )

The sales guy said, "You have 7 days to return any purchases. And, return it with the hanger and (plastic/carrier) bag, please". Bitchy gila. Of course la I return the hanger but seriously, the carrier bag as well? What if someone put it on the floor covered in piss and shit?

And after all that, I wonder why I buy all these things? Besides alleviating stress (caused by the want), am I actually happier at the end of the day?

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