Friday, 16 March 2012

The Dentist

Come up to meet you.. tell you I'm sorry... (lines stolen from The Scientist by Coldplay).

So anyway, I thought about The Dentist. This is not any Dentist. He's a one-of-a-kind Dentist. He wasn't my Dentist, though and I have no comment on his skills as a Dentist.

But I remember him as The Dentist because that was what he was introduced to us as. The Dentist was an old man, possibly in his 70s-80s although Caucasian people tend to look older than they actually are. He was around my height, maybe taller. He had white hair and a big, big white beard. A little stocky. He wasn't handsome (I couldn't see behind the beard anyway) but he had a memorable look.

There were several of us in the room including our tutor. We were meant to talk to him and find out more about him. But, before we even begun the interview, he looked at me and said, "You should have done Philosophy. Shouldn't you?". Stunned but I thought, "Possibly" as I usually found myself pondering about things. But then again, people ponder. Don't they? He didn't know anything about me. I had hardly spoken. So, why did he say that?

Throughout the next few years, sometimes people tell me I should have done sociology, anthropology or philosophy in passing. It didn't mean anything to them but I always recalled The Dentist.

And, today I found myself pondering again and thinking about The Dentist.

I remember watching a TV show whereby they were following first-time Dads anticipating the birth of their first child. There was a Hungarian man on TV who said, "I used to think every woman was mine. If I wanted to sleep with any woman, I could". Of course, I wondered if he would rape but he seemed rather gentlemanly and the editor possibly cut out the bit where he says he'd work to woo the woman first. Yes, I hope he said he'd woo them first... but anyway, he said his wife reformed him so it doesn't matter!

Anyway, whilst exercising, I thought about Malaysia being the fourth most corrupted country in the world and its leader and the first lady - Najib and Rosmah. This triggered thoughts about money and happiness. How do I view money in a way that would leave me content and happy? What would make Najib and Rosmah happier about money and stop using Malaysia's money to line their own pockets? I thought the Hungarian man's point of view was pretty good and applied it to money:

"All the money in the world is mine. It is there for the taking. I can use it whenever I want but I would need to work to cash it out to use it for myself". Yes, like the Hungarian man would need to woo his women before he slept with them!

Ta-da. Don't you feel happier now to know all the money in the world is (potentially) yours?

One day, I'd like to try flippin' 'em dolla dolla billz like that.
But that's Najib and Rosmah's daily morning exercise.


  1. i also hope all the money in the world is mine..XD

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