Friday, 30 March 2012

Shopping (again)

I dunno what I am thinking when I go shopping and actually buy things. I used to be able to resist and not buy anything. But since breaking up, I generally just buy things I think I want..

Erm.... So I saw these pair of shoes I liked that was some crazy price for half price at Anthropologie. So, I went to the shop today and try for size. I didn't quite want to buy it but there was only two pairs of shoes in size 7.5 and one of the pair was a bit big and the other one a good fit. Hai, so I bought la and hopefully they will drop the price in the next 14 days so I can claim price reduction! :-D

Neera by Miss Albright
Ah! Who'd have thought they'd go on sale?
Leather upper and sole with 9cm stacked heel and 2cm platform.
Size 7.5 which is my usual size for Miss Albright. Mua 2nd pair of Miss Albrights
Sexy! I'd like to wear this out jalan-jalan some day.
CTL, Take me out for no reason and even if you don't want to!! :-P
Sigh. This was an unexpected buy from Anthropologie.
I had decided to only buy the shoes but this dress stole my heart (and money).
I love the dropped hemline and the classic-ish look.
Best thing of all, the bloody hemline doesn't end at my crotch!
Also, been really wanting a pair of chinos after I found an awesome pair in Banana Republic on sale two years ago. Uniqlo was selling some boyfriend chinos and slim fit chinos for reduced price! Alteration was free! Whippee! Their sizes are a bit funny though. 10 is kinda too tight and 12 too loose :-/ but the slim fits stretched a bit more so I got 10 in that.

Left: Slim chinos in neutral on offer with £10 off. Free alteration! Size 10
Right: Boyfriend chinos in beige (beige?? seriously) on offer with £10 offer .Didn't alter cos I like the rolled look.  Size 12
Found some nice stuff whilst browsing at H&M. Specifically I was looking for a pair of shorts and I wondered if the material was good quality after seeing it in the catalogue. There was quite a few shorts to choose from and I settled for a pretty pair with a small right picket and faint neon seams.

There was also a light blue pair of cotton skinnies at waist height for £15! I totally loved their cotton scarf flower print for £8 and the cotton shirt in blue for the same price.

Top: Pink flora motif on 100% organic cotton scraf . Conscious by H&M.
Left: Cotton over-sized collared shirt
Right: Cotton pair of skinnies

I am gonna look good and sexy this summer!

And maybe that's why I shop? Gotta those these sexy pins for the summer.

No pics of the denim shorts cos I put them on as soon as I got home with the price tags on and all. And, I'm sitting here in them shorts feeling epic!

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