Sunday, 10 June 2012

Can We Be Friends?

EW: He obviously loved and cared for you.

Me: Yes, I know. But in a fag hag kinda way.

EW: Yes, he did..

Me: I know he loved and cared for me but he should have just told me and not made me his girlfriend. We'd be friends now. It is too late now.

Why don't I want to be friends with this guy? Why? Because gay ex-partners always say the same things about the women they had a relationship with, "I love her. (I love my child [If they had one]). But I love my gay partner even more and like nothing else in the world". It is true. They say that unanimously. Different men but all along the same lines. My gay ex-boyfriend also implied that during our break-up chats. That would make me feel really special, wouldn't it? And the fact a person wouldn't put their own child first is..... like, wtf.

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