Thursday, 7 June 2012

My Friend KA

It's actually really late and I shouldn't be doing this. Out of all the things I should do, maybe this technically should be the lowest priority.

But I feel I need to. I should do.

I stepped through the doors of my flat today and I remembered my friend, KA. I had only known KA a year but KA turned out a great friend. KA was a mature student but even then, I felt KA had the wisdom that surpassed KA's chronological age.

I recall a lot of conversations I had with KA. I thought they were meaningful and deep and maybe I learnt a bit more about life. I remembered once KA telling me how KA's father would say to KA's mother, "Stop pottering about the house doing housework. It can wait. Come sit with me and talk to me!". And they had been married decades.

In the same conversation, KA also said, "You can be with someone for years and still not know them". This statement, I challenged at that time. I thought it was untrue and I used my relationship with my ex then as an example in my arguement against KA's statement. I think in the end we agreed to disagree.

But in the last few days, I find myself seeing KA's statement in a different and more positive light. What's wrong with being with someone for years and still not knowing them? KA's parents have been with each other for years and enjoy talking to each other as if there's so much more to know about the other. How can we assume we know someone like the back of our hand? Wouldn't that make it mundane, dull, boring and routine? No, we don't want that! I don't want that! I want it to be interesting and remain interested. And, I guess seeing KA's statement in a more positive light helps me be a better person.

Of course,  please, no nasty surprises like, "Honey, I'm gay", though.

I guess I think about this now because I've started talking to someone whom I find interesting. I initially wondered how long the interest would last. And, I remembered what KA said.... about his parents and about never truly knowing everything about someone. That made me happy.

And, of KA. KA came and went but was one of my friends who left many words of wisdom for me to ponder about... :-)

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