Monday, 17 October 2011


I woke up today, turned my phone around to see how many more hours I could sleep. Hmmm, I had a missed call from an unknown number and I didn't quite remember the time except there was still time to sleep. I couldn't quite fall back to sleep; that's why I usually check my clock these days because any 'activity' on my phone is bothersome. But, in a blur haze, I check the time on my phone this morning

Unknown caller. Could only be one person in the early morn. Him.

So, it was eventually time to wake up. I thought I'd check my e-mail on my phone because I had asked ES to e-mail me a document pertaining to work the night before; she said she would and so, I eagerly checked. It was more emotional for me to discover ES didn't send me an e-mail than it was to find an e-mail for him in my inbox.

It was momentous; to feel unfazed by him. Like, he no longer exists and never existed in my life.

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