Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Look For Better

"Why don't you find someone better than me?"

"Why?When I am happy with you? And, that's good enough for me"

When I was in secondary school, I live by the motto: There is always someone more clever. We were all academically driven or made to think we should be academically driven. I did my best, was never the best and was usually content with the result because I knew I could be Number 1 in class but there would always be someone better than me, some where. So, why bother and just be happy and content with my potential? After all, God only helps you if you help yourself. I helped myself and got what I expected in return.

And over the year, the motto has become more general: There is always someone better. He kept asking me if I wanted to be with someone better. That I should be with someone better. I was contented and never thought about needing to be with anyone better. Little did I know, it was he who wanted someone or something better.

And I leave you with this, if you have not seen it already.

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