Saturday, 15 October 2011

Saturday Indulgence

Met up with my kaki (regular hang-out friends) again today at Westfield, Stratford. Hai, I wish I had the money to buy a flat in Stratford when I was in my final year at school but unfortunately, despite being the only child I cannot afford it. Maybe next time...

Anyway, I was 30 minutes late because there were rail track works but luckily not as late as last week! WMT, CT and VY were there already buying some soap at Soap & Co. There are two Soap & Co shops in Westfield and OMG, these people are like sales sharks. Stop and suddenly you've bought something. I was at Westfield on Thursday night and one of these sales sharks tried flirting with me to get me to stop but I said, "Sorry, got friends to meet!". These people would have made good candidates in the first few seasons of The Apprentice?

We headed to Las Iguanas on the top floor where I had dinner with my old colleagues on Thursday. It's a place serving Mexican/South American dishes with Happy Hour Buy One Free One between 12 noon to 7 pm.

This was my colleague's dish on Thursday night
Steak with (three!) sweet potato chips

This was my dish on Thursday night. It came with a little 'burner' that I doubt did very much..
Seafood creamy coconut stew-like thingy with rice, toasted coconut and tangy salsa

Not sure what my friend ordered but looks like chicken skewers with (three!) sweet potato chips for lunch today.
Blazin' Bird
Half a chicken with habanero sauce (not that spicy), coleslaw and fries.
At £8.90, it gives Nando's a serious run for it's money
I was soooooooo stuffed after this :-) Lunch + dinner settled
Squished cupcakes from Buttercup Cake Shop
Was craving this after I saw it on Thursday...
Priced at a steep £2.50(!) each, it makes Scandinavia a relatively cheap country.....
Top left: Elvis Presley - everything peanut and peanut butter
Top Right - Peanut Butter Chocolate (PB icing with chocolate base)
Bottom Right - Banoffee (Toffee? icing with banana cake base)
This cost me 19 Swedish Kronas in Stockholm which is approx £1.90 and was much larger than the above cupcakes
Seriously, London is E.X.P.E.N.S.I.V.E
So, we just wandered around, up and down the whole mall. It was sooooooo crowded and we found a place to sit at the fast food, food court and just chatted. The crowd seemed to thin by 6 -7 pm and we had to leave, too. WMT went with me to M&S to buy some body butter. With the 'Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price' deal, I think I got carried away.....

M&S's La Maison de Senteurs range 
"Opening with a delicate floral accord, blended with gardenia oil and combining subtle citrus top notes with rose, white lily and soft florals, resting on a bed of warm amber, white musk and romantic woody tones".  Beautiful!
Top: Gardenia Rose EDT £9.50
Middle: Gardenia Rose Body Butter £5 (50% off later)
Bottom: Gardenia Rose Candle £5
M&S's Royal Jelly & Pure Honey range
Top left and far right: Intensive Body Butter £5 (50% off second product)
Bottom left: Intensive Facial Moisturiser £4.50 (I hope it's good! It's >10x cheaper than Dermalogica's Super Rich Repair!)
Middle: Sugar Scrub £4.50 (50% off with the facial moisturiser)
Left: £1 talc powder!
Right: Neroli & Sandalwood Body Cream at £3.75 each. 25% off for being a new product
So, I now have six tubs of body butter to last me at least a year. Yippee! I can have nice, smooth, supple skin which hopefully won't wrinkle so quickly in this dry and cold weather. All of it cost me like £45 and I thought that was a pretty good bargain considering a tub of body butter from Body Shop already costs £12.50.

And finally, Garnier sent me a sample of their B.B. Cream which I will try tomorrow and update in the captions... :-)

B.B. cream by Garnier

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