Saturday, 29 October 2011

Simple Things

So, I wanted to blog earlier but my flatmate had a little crisis.

Anyway, the clocks go back tonight so I have an extra hour to spend on blogging which I intended to spend on sleeping. But that's alright with me.

I have so many things to blog about but on my way back from the supermarket, my weekly shop seemed to take precedence. Funny how the simple things can be the most exciting.

Why? Look at this:
A lot of stuff
I was having a lazy Saturday, had run out of food and by 1900hours, had to drag myself to the shop. It was late and the supermarket was empty. Ah, lovely. I need not brush against other people or dodge them. There were reduced produce and strangely, most things I wanted to buy were on some kinda offer like 2 for 1, 3 for 2, 2 for £4, 2 for £5. I was constantly going, "Damn, I hope I can carry twice as much!"

Self-checked out
My heart was aching when I reached the £40 mark but I reminded myself, offer, offer, offer..
As you can see in the final bill, I got a sweet 25% off the total.
The biggest bargain was this:
£4.56 per tube
On a 2 for £4 offer
I looked at it the price tag again. And again.
It said, "Take one more tube, get that free and 25% off the tube you're actually buying".
I'm not sure who came up with the price and offer but O. YEAH.
Three Halapenos
3 for £5
This one was really like.. "So heavy, but have to buyyyyy...Whyyyyy???"
It gets less and less exciting
Apparently high quality mince priced at 2 for £5
For the chilli con carne or bolognese some day (now in the freezer)
You really wanted to know I bought this...
I'll spare you a picture of the sanitary pads
2 for £4
So, yeah! I was well pleased with myself for bagging 25% off my bill and stocking up on some supplies. :-) And, I craved nachos again. We used to love eating nachos together. Or maybe, I just love eating nachos!

Nachos, X-Factor and cider containing 8.4% alcohol which I have strangely been craving
I got all whoozy and then, had to deal with crisis sitting lop-sided
And, finally. Happy Deepavali to all my Hindu friends!! This week we had our lovely S Jee bring in some amazing foooooooood for us. She should open shop and take over that damned, over-priced canteen.

Onion bhajis to die for.
The sweet of the onion coupled with the mixture of spices was genius!
o(>_<)o Genius!!!!
Warm, spicy (the way I like it) vegetarian samosas
The spicy potato-pea filling reminded me of the karipaps (curry puffs) my grandmama used to make in her canteen back in the day... :'-)
Thank you S Jee <3
Tomorrow, I'll be off to my first ever Pakistani wedding! Stay tuned and I shall blog about it one day (in the not-to-distant future)!

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