Sunday, 30 October 2011

Swedish Souvenirs

I just got back from my friend's lovely wedding.

I got back from Sweden a long time ago. Maybe 3-4 weeks now?! Haha, but anyway, here goes. 

I like to buy souvenirs on my travels these days. Before, it used to be restricted to postcards and stamps to send home. Since I started working, I have been upgraded with a bit more buying power and can afford some unique things which I like and think is worth the value it is priced at.

So, whilst at Gamla Stan - Stockholm's Old Town - I bought several items. Some for friends, most (scandalous!) for myself. Ho!
Reindeer leather coin purse
99 Swedish Krona
On the manufacturer's website, it's 89 SK. Kena cheated 10 SK!
Pretty interesting design, isn't it?
Dala Wooden Horse
Guided by my guide book, it recommended that this is a must buy
Anyway, I think any dumbo would have figured that out as the souvenir shops were littered with these things
But at >£10 per tiny horse, even a dumbo would think twice, thrice, four times, etc...
As you can see, I spent a lot of time and thinking about how many I should buy....
There's also the cockerel which a handful of shops sold but that wasn't as pretty and mostly came in black
The wooden pigs weren't even cute 
I love this very clever little thing
It's a candle holder that causes the merry-go-round to rotate by heat convection
It comes with all different animals and characters
Even Moomins.. which I now know is Swedish in origin
This candle holder is actually not new to me as I have seen it in Ireland and got it as gifts before last X'Mas
But the Swedish company that manufactures these particular candle holders in Sweden have also taken designing it's packages to the next level.
Much neater and easier to store than the ones I got in Ireland... with a bonus candle, too!
85 Swedish Krona
Nothing especially Swedish about this
In fact, probably Made in India
But I love this choker
Really chokes... And itches...
Another thing the guidebook recommended buying was the (hand?) weaved tablecloths in traditional patterns
This isn't a traditional pattern
It is (machine) weaved
And was half-price at 79.50 Swedish Krona even the shop owner couldn't quite believe it
I had to have this crazy bargain and she (probably grudgingly) charged me 80 Swedish Krona for it
Parrots by Ekelund
100% cotton
48x70cm :-)
Liten Amanda! That's where I got the Parrots from. Sounds like just my kinda shop, doesn't it?                             
I can't remember what this scary-looking thing was called
It makes wine taste like gluhwein but isn't quite made like gluhwein
Instead on boiling spices with wine, the Swedish would add this to wine, as if it were an essence
Before pouring into a glass, they'd put almond(s) and raisin(s) at the bottom of the glass
This was a gift to YV who likes food and cooking.
Egg White Facial Care
At the back it says it's based on an old Swedish recipe and I think it's good for making the skin fair and shiny              
This was for ES whom I think likes cosmetic products! Hope u like it!

A hook in the shape of a bird
I just thought it looked pretty on the shop's white wall
Hope Z liked it , too                                                                                      
Another Dala Horse
Still haven't given it to K whose wedding was today because I am so D'oh!
We are sensing a theme here, aren't we?
For CT to add to his fridge magnet collection :-)
And, Ta-da! My Swedish Souvenir shrine
I leave you with a penultimate picture of my Dala horse army
And the animals still going round and round the little flame as I type :-) Pwetty!!
I like how the colours really go together and best of all, it wasn't pre-meditated 
Finally, a minature Dala horse for YV which she has pinned on her denim jacket and that's so sweet of her
It looks really cute there and makes good contrast with the blue fabric

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