Monday, 19 December 2011

Sunflower Sausage

I had been web surfing lately and came across this blog (Lunch In a Box by Biggie) dedicated solely to Bento Boxes for lunch. For those not too familiar with Japanese culture but have seen some Jap stuff around, it's those lunch boxes with normal mundane foods packed in an uber creative way. Example below

Example :-) borrowed from here
So, from Biggie's blog I had been itching to make sunflower sausages since Saturday night. Biggie does it by using small Japanese pork sausages, quail eggs and a toothpick (see here). I thought I'd use frankfurters, chickens egss and an egg poachette-whatchamacallit-thingymabob.

I bought 12 chicken eggs, two egg poachette-whatchamacallit-thingymabobs that were too big for this project and 10 chicken frankfurters
I bought the poachette-whatchamacallit-thingymabob before the frankfurters and when I got home, I realised it was too big. It bugged me. Like, really bugged me. Bugged me so much I walked back all. the. way. to. the. shop. to. exchange. it. for. a. smaller. one. Fine.

Why didn't I exchange it earlier? Well, despite being quite focused initially, I became rather unfocused and bought shed loads which was too heavy causing me to loose even more focus.

My month's worth of upper body strength workout
I didn't plan on telling you how I cooked my sunflower sausages. I just thought it'd come out nice, I could show you a picture you could envy, direct you with Biggie's blog and tell you, you needn't a toothpick.

10 o'clock: The better sunflower sausage with the sausage looping nicely round the yolk. A bit too much egg white I couldn't get rid off
8.30 o'clock: Sausage encasing broken yolk in a box.
I envisioned an Full English Breakfast but with some greens with my Sunflower Sausages
But as you can see, it didn't turn out quite right. There was more white than I anticipated and hadn't I intervened, the sausages and yolk would have been buried between two nice layers of white. Nothing wrong with that and it sounds quite aesthetically pleasing but I wanted a SUNFLOWER SAUSAGE!

No space for the baked beans on the plate
My vision was smaller than my eyes was bigger than my stomach.

Try again in two days time. If I could be bovvered.

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