Friday, 9 December 2011

Friday Shop

So, today I had gone hunting for an item at various H&M's and was rather unsuccessful. Finally, I ended up walking along Regent's Street and passed the National Geographic Society shop which said something along the lines of, "Relocation Sale! We cannot take everything with us". They are relocating to Knightsbridge, an area I rarely visit so this was probably the best opportunity to: 1) get into the shop and 2) buy something from NGS that's affordable and subjectively worth the money.

And, it was affordable and subjectively worth my money:

Souvenir paper bag

Two leather belts for £10 per belt
Left: On the tag it says 100% polyester but on the belt it says 100% cow leather. Maybe a little too long but that's OK. Original price: £35.9
Right: Double loop coin belt. Original price: £41.9

What's in this nice box?
They called it a compu organizer
Full leather
People were quite interested in looking at this but didn't quite know what to do with it and whether to buy it, I suspect.
Most said, "Nice colour!"
Original price: £105
Sale price: £30
Pretty good deal considering most leather items this size would be >£70
I thought it'd go well with my yellow Fossil bag :-)
And, maybe it'd fit my (future) laptop
My current laptop is a fits snugly in to the organizer
In other news, I'm totally gutted I put my merino wool, warm and fluffy cardigan in the warm wash. I had been avoiding washing it for several loads but absent-mindedly washed it two days ago! It's a snug fit now but I preferred it the way it was. Someone moved my cheese and I'm agitated. Gotta try and see if I can re-shape it tomorrow.

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