Saturday, 24 December 2011

Food for Thought

It's Christmas Eve. I didn't plan to post but after having a couple of conversations, I was reminded of some recent events that I didn't think too much of initially.

So, I/we know there was some confrontation with my gay ex-boyfriend's ex-flatmate a while back to which the guy, at one point and to my surprise, said, "You guys are both my friends". Erm, yes, I was surprised and taken aback. Bet you must think that's kinda weird to. After all, I did say this guy was my 'gay ex-boyfriend's ex-flatmate' rather than my 'friend'. OK, so maybe this guy genuinely considered me his friend although I was skeptical.

A couple of weeks or so ago, I saw this guy again. Because I remember really useless information like that described above, I remembered he said I was his friend. So, I said a very big and genuine, "HELLO X!" to him. All I got was a blank from him. I guess that wasn't to much of a surprise. And I quietly vowed to never acknowledge this guy's presence again if the reason is only personal. It was good to know that I was right all along to be surprised, to have known I was never his friend and to have given him the benefit of the doubt for him to prove me right.


Anyway, since it will be Christmas. Most will be spending a nice time with their families. Some maybe bored. For anyone who want to ponder, consider these two scenarios:

1) A gay guy comes out to his girlfriend of four years that he is gay. He was in denial. She is devastated but other people tell her to understand, it is not his fault and he has had a difficult time.

2) A guy who is HIV positive tells his girlfriend of four years - whom he has had unprotected sex with - he is HIV positive. He was in denial. She is devastated. Do people tell her to understand, that it is not his fault and that he has had a difficult time? (Edit: I'm not saying he or I are HIV positive but just consider the situation. It could be he had gonorrhea, passed it to her and her unborn child who was subseqently born with neonatal conjunctivitis. You get the drift.)

I have been watching several new TV series. Compared to the TV series from a decade or two ago, there is more gay representation. No gay, no cool, no watch. Happy Ending (the new F.R.I.E.N.D.S) has a gay guy in it. How I Met Your Mother has a gay actor in it. Modern Family has two gay guys in it. EastEnders now has three. Since 1 in 5 guys are gay these days (my reference), it's mandatory and totally in-trend to have gay representation. I guess I've picked up more on it because of recent events and because of that, I'm also reminded of recent events.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays people.

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