Thursday, 17 November 2011


Busy!!!! Busy!!!!!!!

And I was ill! Eeeeeeelllllll, eeeelll, I tell you, ill! That was last Friday when my gut pretty much stopped working. I was nauseous, vomiting anything and everything. And I wondered if I was going to ever get water in my system. In hindsight, it was a bit silly and kinda funny; I almost passed out in the shower, almost threw up over myself and that's about as much detail as I'd go into. The main thing that stopped me from lying on the shower floor was the thought of having to shower and pass out, again. Mind over uhm, there was no control, really. I did get to a bag to throw up on time, though. Ok! That's about as much embarrassing detail I'd go into that blur of a day.

That's some gastric virus I caught. It still rages havoc. I think I feel hungry but after a few mouthfuls I'm full and feel the food lingering. There's a constant supply of gas, too. It's really bad and I have to behave myself in public as best I can. I hope I don't get gut cancer, you know with the human papilloma virus and cervical cancers and all. Who knows what other viruses cause cancer?

But at least I'm not crippled, vomiting all over and passing out now. In fact, I'm eating a carrot cake! Below is a picture: it looks unbelievably dry but it's actually rather moist!

Anyway, I have been meaning to write some apparently meaningful thoughts. And also post about Venice and show off some AH-MAY-ZING Venetian pictures. No time! No time, though. Like I said a few posts before the next couple of months are gonna be busy. So, this is a quick update.

Until another random post (hopefully an apparently meaningful post), adios amigos!

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