Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Retail Therapy

So brown or black skirt??? Really cannot decide! See, been thinking about useless things like these and falling asleep at work last night. My mind has improved in the last 24 hours from feeling hurt to being mindless.

Yesterday morning and afternoon was so bad la. Kept feeling sad and hurt, basically, feeling really negative. Had to leave the house to do something despite feeling a bit sleepy. So, got dressed and went out to the high street and shopped. Didn't care la, spend money only la. I beh tahan (cannot take it) and needed to get over the feeling.

KIWI Smiling Feet Disposable In-soles. I think it was £3+ for a pack of six pairs.
First went to Sainsbury's cos I needed to pick up some disposable in-soles. Ever wondered how some people could wear shoes without socks or those  uncomfortable below-the-ankle-socks-that-slips-off-anyway? I discovered that the answer was not wearing socks or lining the shoe. Just wearing the shoe barefoot which I think is really icky. I knew this cos I was at the airport and there were a group of fashionably dressed gay men all showing of their ankles, if not their hairless calves. They were defo the people who started the bare ankle trend la. So, anyway we were all on the same flight waiting to board when one guy took off his shoe, put his hand in and started wiping the shoe's lining out.. as if he sweat so much in the shoe the lining disintegrated. He wipe, wipe, wipe, then wear his shoe again and..... didn't wash hand. Ermm... to this day I still feel geli (icky). 

For £2.50 bought five pairs of brown-scale socks should I decide not to use my disposable insoles especially in colder temperatures. A bargain at Primark
40% cotton, 58% polyester, 2% elastane. Ok, got some cotton to absorb the sweat
Boots 3 for 2 on film. £12.24 for 3 rolls of 36 exposure
Boots 3 for 2 on cosmestics.
Left: No7 Sunkissed Bronzing Pearls (FREE item!) £11
Middle: L'Oreal True-Match Minerals with foundation-like coverage. Quite impressed with the design and the extra brush although I wouldn't need the brush the next time, so they will hv to sell re-fills. I like how the brush can be washed unlike some products that connect the powder and the brush in the same chamber. approx £14+
Right: L'Oreal Studio Secrets Professional, Smoothing Resurfacing Primer. Finally can buy primer OTC! Haven't tried this yet but hopefully it makes my acne scars smoother looking. approx £11.29
Then, went to Boots. Stocked up on some film for my Stockholm trip. Also, I lost my make-up set with my mineral foundation, bronzer (which he bought for me :-( ) and Korean eye shadow palate. Great excuse to buy cosmetics la. Boots had so many 3 for 2 offers and that made me very happy :-)

Next stop was H&M. But, I need to go to work now... I bought some really nice clothes from there. Splurge splurge splurge. Will show next time. In the meantime, I have packed for Stockholm and will rush off to airport right after work and a shower tomorrow! Exciting :-)

Most important items: Passport, credit card, flight ticket and underwear.

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