Sunday, 23 October 2011

Never Gonna Bring Me Down

My happiness isn't eternal and was pretty much hanging by a thread on Friday. Nevertheless, I felt happy. It was Friday. I was with my friends. I wasn't doing my regular day job. I was drinking too much coffee.

It was all going well, until someone tried to bring me down. I have noted many to be consumed with one general idea without considering the multiple factors that come into play. They have never been there to understand all that has gone on, yet they would like to give an opinion. 

Anyway, won't let anyone stop me from doing what makes me feel better. I will not live my life the way people want me to. Do not, will not, cannot.

On Friday, I made Battenberg-style cookies.
Not going to let anyone foil my plan on making cookies
Chocolate + butter + coffee
On Saturday, I embarked on making chocolate muffins. The recipe I used was for his annual birthday cakes.
Screw him! The recipe is mine and he can eat shit (won't be surprised if he actually does, being a gay man) his next birthday.
Plain flour, self-rasing flour, bicarbonate of soda, cocoa power, sugar...
The wet part: three eggs and 75 ml of (butter)milk

Mixing the chocolate, eggs and dry ingredients
Colourful muffin cases :-)
Mmmm, looks good already

Iced and decorated in all kinds of weird shapes.

Rock cake especially for those who try to bring me down
Delivered from a 10m distance, at an acute angle, at a speed of 10mph, aimed at your damned head

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