Thursday, 5 July 2012

Fourth of July

My first 4th of July in the United States! I am making a lot of firsts here. Like first time to a drive-in theater. First time seeing a chipmunk, it lives underneath our proch! First time hiking this Saturday. First time seeing a Mustand in real life. First time seeing certain flora and fauna I have only seen in movies and cartoons. First time riding a bike on the road. First!!!!!!!

So, here are some pictures from what I did for the 4th of July celebrations.

In Vermont, they celebrate beginning on the night of the 3rd with a 30 minute firework show at the Burlington waterfront. The party kinds starts at 6pm with food stalls and mobile shops around. The crowd slowly builds. We picked a spot away from the main action; North Beach. There were lots of people in North Beach and it was good cos we didn't have to crane our necks or get the build-up of smoke blown towards us after 30 minuts of works.

Multiple works in one big one :-)
Romantic but no one to hold hands and snuggle with. Well, more space for me on the sand blanket!! Lol.
So, the next day, there was a parade at the neighbouring 'village'. I was gonna ride my bike, JC there but the landlandy caught me and said she'd go with me. It was a good thing because it was further than I thought and Williston is bigger than I thought! I would have never found the parade in time. We arrived just as it begun at 10am!

The Front Line
This was followed by the Williston Town Band and they played the national anthem under the American flag and everyone stood silent. My landlady says she usually puts her right hand over her heart; she's so sweet and funny.
Marines! :-)

This was probably the funniest 'club' but yes, Vermonters do love their lawn chairs which they laze on in the evenings after dinner.
Probably my most favourite float. Jazzercise (sp?) group. The dancers were all girls and they were super fit and co-ordinated but the guy behind the truck video-recording them was so funny. He totally maintained this 'Like A Boss' stance all the time!!
Pauquette Full of Poises were giving out free plants! I got one for my landlady.

 The parade lasted about 1.5 hours and we walked back to my landlady's relative's house and enjoyed a session of Wiffle Ball. It is like baseball I guess but the bat is made of plastic and the ball is hollow and also made of plastic. They tried to teach me to bat and my hit rate was between 0 and 25%. Lol.

After that, it was a long afternoon nap before I rode JC for 1.5-2 hours :-)
I love JC
And I went to a BBQ party later that night after a drive in a crazy Vermont summer storm. The landlady's son called to warn me about it; they're such a nice family! We went a bit late and I needed a ride. It was OK but I really hope I can get a car soon.

Then the day ended. I hadn't quite got what I wanted until this morning in my inbox... And me was happy, I guess.

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