Monday, 9 April 2012

Smashing Pumpkins

My playlist consists of really old stuff that goes on replay all the time. Never gets praise from Flatmate Number 2. Ok, I do have new mainstream stuff which gets old/boring quickly and I feel like I don't really wanna hear David Guetta feat X all the time.

I remember this guy called DC whom I was on an attachment with in 2007 who was an Oxbridge transfer. He apparently used to be goth because I was looking through his extensive music playlist and wuz like, "Hey, why all these songs?" and he let it slip. He said all pictorial evidence had been destroyed. He looked like Scott Pilgrim from Scott Pilgrim vs the World when I knew him. Bummer, I tried to picture him goth and it was ticklish. Anyway, I told him the stuff I listened to and he said to pick up a few things and the Smashing Pumpkins was among his suggestions. And, the Smashing Pumpkins was the *BEST* ever suggestion.

I knew of SP but never heard them on radio. Malaysians don't listen to stuff like that on radio. I only knew Dashboard Confessional thru WOM (word of mouth).

Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
I think this is one of the more popular songs but I like all their songs I can't tell which wouldn't float other people's boat

When listening to a song, lyrics do little for me in the first instance. It is the "minus one" (as they call it) that I listen to and if I like it, I think about the lyrics. SP had minus ones I love song after song after song after song after song after song... except for a couple like Zero and Silverfuck which really depends on my mood. Their songs makes me wanna put my head on the table, in my palm and think..

Think.. Think.. How.. Why.. Why.. How.. Why.. How... Why.. How.. Why.. How.. How.. Why. How. does.Billy.Corgan.come.up.with.this.stuff??

He probably won't get praise from Simon Cowell about his singing but who cares about Simon.

Simon Cowell, the only 'celebrity' we saw in 2010 in LA.
There were LOADS of papparazzis around keeping their distance. This woman with the black top walked towards him and his new girlfriend with her camera. She then asked him to take a picture of HER AND HER HUSBAND.. which he did.
Somebody really didn't care who he was.
And when I like the song, and if I care enough for it to sing it.. I look up the lyrics. Billy writes lyrics like proper poems. They don't make instance sense. It needs to be thought about and appreciated. Chris Carrabba writes it pretty much as is. But Billy.....

And after a day of emotional turmoil, listening to the Smashing Pumpkins rid me of all the knots inside and I could lay my head down to rest till the morning.

Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm
Great theme song for home-alone children

Smashing Pumpkins - Blew Away
A James Iha song

If I ever could play a classical instrument, it'd be the violin or percussion. Always sounds so epic in modern songs.

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