Friday, 16 December 2011


I loved going to the cinemas as a child. I guess the last movie I remember my mother taking me to was Aladdin. We watched it the first time together and the second, with some family friends. There was later to be a hiatus of moving-going until secondary school when I'd go with friends... And, any wish to watch a new movie would be met by something along the lines of, "you'd be paying 10 quid to watch a movie once". That was understandable. 10 quid could have bought possibly two meals those days.

Walking around London, I stumbled upon a few movie posters of movies I wanted to watch:

Another Earth
Another love affair type movie (yucks) but the poster looked beautiful and mysterious
So, I'd watch it. Meant to be out December 7
The Lady
Based on the relationship between Aung San Suu Kyi and her husband, Michael Aris
Starring Bond Girl Michelle Yeoh who met with Aung San Suu Kyi and later got deported 
Unfortunately, the area I live in are not airing these movies. I'm not sure why but maybe the area I live in is a little to chav to want to watch movies like the above. Most of the stuff screening seems to be comedy or action, which is alright with me but.... does it say something about the people who frequent the cinemas around here? Anyway, there's always some time I'll wander into the deep centre of London or buy it on-line.

But for now, I have added one more movie to my list. Surprisingly, I found this queer-unrelated movie on a queer website. My eyes had to dodge everything else that was quite hurtful (I had been searching for something else).

Wallis and Edward
As we watched The King's Speech, who wondered about his brother's dilemma?
Directed by Madonna perhaps she's picked a thing or two from her time with Guy Ritchie
And we have Skylar Grey doing the soundtrack!

And finally, Apocalpyse which I watched whilst in NY. Because it said 'Mel Gibson' right at the top of the poster, I thought it was some shit movie about a white person acting as some indigenous superhero. I was so wrong. He was the director and the movie looked 100% for real (like I'd know what it was to live and survive in the forest as a true hunter!)

One of the most amazing movies.
I'd remember it like I remember Aladdin

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