Saturday, 5 November 2011

See The Light

Nothing religious. Just, that I can see better. Literally and uhm, abstractly?

I live in a room. Some of us live in rooms. It feels instituitionalised, doesn't it? But the fact is, it is cheap and pretty comfortable which allows me to save.. ahem, spend money (economy needs it right now). But I was complaining to a few work colleagues how it is difficult to read in my room and how I'm going blind. And a guy replied, "Just change your light bulb! After all, we don't pay the bills". That is so true. All bills included.

So yesterday, I went and bought some light bulbs. I was surprised there were no 100W light bulbs. Is it illegal in the United Kingdom? I am pretty sure I've seen 100W light bulbs before??

60W vs 92W
100W with lamp shade off..
Can you see the difference? Lol
It is brighter. My iPhone couldn't tell
92W, the best they could do

So, my room is brighter. Possibly the light at the end of the tunnel is brighter. Am I out of the tunnel yet? I'm not so sure, it isn't as blinding like it should be. Maybe you could think of the tunnel as a translucent tunnel. Things are definitely brighter.. Maybe it would be more accurate to say opportunities are presenting themselves, like mushrooms. And, my job is to get up and harvest them at the best times and use them with great care, thought and respect. I hope I can, I hope I can, I know I can, I know I can.

November, December and January are going to be busy months; job applications, new job, exams, life management, etc, etc.. I will try to sit down and put my muddled thoughts into apparently insightful words. I do have some insightful things I'd like to talk about. For one, I can certainly say most of the shit has been purged out (some of you never quite caught on to what I was trying to do for myself, never saw the light at the end of the tunnel. But it was my tunnel, anyway). For two, you'd have to wait for it. But, for now, silly things still excite me...

The Phillips Eco30 Dimmable 92W Lightbulb which works on only 70W
1200 1m 2 years 2000h - I would genuinely like to know WTH this means so I can sound pro at the supermarket next time
And look at the mechanics/engineering of the bulb, some of which I presume makes it 'dimmable' and eco-friendly
Light bulbs have come a long way from Thomas Edison's (English!) basic design, innit?
Oh, oh, I got the lighbulbs on the 3 for £4 deal again! And, I suppose yes, I am like the Phillips Eco30... dimmable at times. 

Off to The City of Love, Venice tomorrow. A friend will be joining me one quarter through my trip! Incontinent-ly exciting.

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