Monday, 3 October 2011

Last Saturday Night

YV and N hosted a little dinner party at their flat in central London. It's a nice two bedroom flat with a spacious  open plan living room and dining area with two generously sized WCs.

I had been procrastinating all Saturday long. Mainly, researching and contemplating if I should go to Stockholm. Had I decided then, my flight would have been £5 cheaper but I really wanted to make sure it wouldn't rain! And, I was guilty of giving up on happy for a bit and crying as well... but that's another boring story.

By the time I decided to get ready, I realized I was 30 minutes to an hour behind schedule! Luckily the train was quite fast la and the main rate limiting step was how fast I was walking.

When I arrived, first course sudah habis but when you have CT around, it will finish fast la. Hahaha, joking.

YV served me my first course. I was so impressed!

DOME Cafe style mushroom soup with puff pastry on top.
Also got pieces of frankfurter inside which gave it more flavour.
Succulent king prawn with mango marinated with coriander, chillies and maybe juice of a sour fruit?
I love the sweetness of the mango combined with the herbs used. Plus, the prawns were cooked just right.
So impressed! Had two sticks summore.
OK, this one is the pièce de résistance for me.
YV said, "Try this and guess what it is". To me, looks just like typical sushi roll with cucumber and egg.
So I ate it la. At first, hmmm, taste familiar, like sushi...
Then, think think a bit. Got belacan (smelly dried shrimp paste). Got coconut rice taste.
OMG! Nasi Lemak Sushi!
Then we spent the rest of the night chatting, chatting. It was really nice lar because at least I feel I am closer to happy than sad.. Then, had to go home. Aih, a bit sad la but then go home to sleep and not think. So I guess OK la.

But, the sushi was so good la. YV should open shop!

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